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100 FREE Online Italian Lessons (10,000 Missing Listeners?)

Overnight I had an email from Valerie:

I struggled with listening to … Italian dialogue …, including A1 books until I signed up for on line lessons. These Skype lessons are the best way to learn Italian. I have improved in every way, particularly my listening.

which was good to hear, in particular as this week at EasyReaders.Org we have a FREE TRIAL ONLINE ITALIAN LESSON promotion, and I’d been wondering how to promote it.

This is an offer we do every six months or so – the last one was in November 2018 and the next one won’t be until November 2019.

Each time we aim to give away a hundred free online Italian lessons, worth £20 each.

These are the only moments each year when you get to try an online lesson (via Skype) with a native-speaker Italian teacher at a cost of exactly ZERO.

There’s no risk –  you don’t have to buy one to get one free, no payment details are asked for, all we need to organise your lesson is your email address.

There are no tricks. It’s a genuinely-free offer!

N.B. This promotion is for new students only, and the free trial lesson is limited to one per person.

Here’s the link you need to book your free trial Italian lesson

Once we receive your order, Lucia, our teaching manager, will contact you to find out what your needs and preferences are and, importantly, WHEN you’d like to do your free lesson.

That doesn’t have to be this week, by the way.

The offer ends on Sunday night but that’s just the deadline for responding to the offer.

There’s no limit to the time available to actually do the free lesson.

  • The Free Trial Online Italian Lesson offer ends on Sunday, 17/02/19
  • You don’t have to DO the lesson this week, just ‘book’ it
  • This offer is for NEW STUDENTS ONLY
  • If you booked a free trial last time but didn’t take it – try again!
  • But if you’ve already done a free trial in the past, sorry but this isn’t for you
  • Once you’ve completed your lesson, you’ll be sent a 15% discount coupon

View online lesson prices here.

And/or follow this link to book your free trial Italian lesson!

Ten Thousand Missing Listeners! publishes three news bulletins a week, on Thursday mornings, on Saturday mornings, and on Tuesdays.

Each edition has between eight and ten minutes of audio, with a supporting transcript.

Best of all?

They’re FREE!

And you don’t even have to worry about adding this thrice-weekly listening/reading practice to your study plan.

Subscribe (for FREE!) and we’ll send each new bulletin, via email, as soon as it is published.

Which should remind you to study, right?

But, there’s a problem.

This is a new-ish project.

We started it back in September 2018.

Two-thousand-five-hundred people are regularly listening/reading to

But this article will be emailed out to a much larger number.

In fact, I estimate that there are still ten thousand of you who would benefit from listening/reading to the new-ish

Subscribe here (for free) to receive a bulletin of ‘easy’ Italian news via email, three times a week.

FREE TRIAL 30-minute online Italian lesson | Easy Italian News | Subscribe

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