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2021 Summer Sale: Don’t Miss Ebooks and Online Lessons -20%!

Don’t forget the EasyReaders.Org ‘Summer Sale’!

Until Sunday night, you can save 20% on our whole range of ebooks for learning foreign languages, and/or on one-to-one lessons with our team of online teachers.

The coupon code you need to get the discount is:


Copy and paste the coupon code (above in bold) into the box in your shopping cart (where it says ‘Apply coupon’).

Then scroll down to check that the cart total has been discounted.

  • Coupon code 2021-Summer-Sale-20%-Off gets you a 20% discount on anything!
  • It’s valid until midnight on Sunday 11th July 2021
  • There’s no minimum or maxium spend
  • Use the coupon as often as you wish while the offer lasts
  • It will even work on items which are already discounted such as ebook multipacks
  • But it can’t be used with other coupons…
  • Payment options include Stripe/credit card, Amazon, Paypal, or direct payment to our UK bank account

Email us if you need help, either with the coupon code or in choosing what might be most suitable for your level and situation.

Browse our catalog page, which shows everything, all in one place, language by language, and organised by type and in level order.

Or click these links to choose materials and online lessons for the language or languages that you’re learning:

Italian | French | Spanish | German


Don’t forget to use the coupon code! It’s 2021-Summer-Sale-20%-Off

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