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2022 Summer Sale from Monday! Online lessons & ebooks -20%!

Next week we’re having our 2022 Summer Sale!

Which means that students of Italian, Spanish, French or German can save 20% on ebooks and online lessons, one to one with a native speaker teacher, via Skype or Zoom.

A reminder – we have recently separated the ebooks from the lessons, so as to make it easier for people to find what they need (and easier for us to organise things!)

Which means we now have two different online stores, and, named to make it obvious where you should go for what…

Everything in both stores – online lessons with native-speaker teachers, ebooks for learning foreign languages, easy readers, parallel texts – will be a fifth cheaper with the coupon code, which we’ll publish on Monday.

You could buy ten one-to-one language lessons while paying for only eight, so two extra lessons of speaking and listening practice, on us!

Or pop 5 ebooks into your shopping cart (reading and listening practice is essential), yet pay for just four of them!

Watch out for an email with the coupon code at the start of next week!

No longer interested?

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