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A challenging new Italian easy reader out now!

“Buona domenica” from EasyReaders.Org.

Just a quick one to let you know I’ve just published (like, literally, minutes ago) a new easy reader ebook, Colombo e il mare Oceano.Italian easy readers - Colombo e il mare Oceano - cover image

September 1492, Atlantic Ocean: Christopher Columbus is wrestling with his fear of failure and ruin. After months at sea, there’s still no sign of land. Captains and crew are growing desperate!

This is not a long text. The audio is 23 minutes and I finished the story in less than an hour (skipping the exercises…)

But there were lots of words that were new to me.

And the audio was fast.

Even though it was recorded by a colleague who I’ve known for years and speak to every day, at times I was pushed to keep up.

Conclusion: this is one for students of Italian who like a challenge!

You should have at least intermediate level, preferably above.

Before you buy, do download the free sample chapter (.pdf),  just to be sure the material is right for you.

Oh, and by the way, you can save 25% on the normal easy reader price if you get it this first week.

The full version of Colombo e il mare Oceano (eight chapters, eight glossaries, eight exercises, solutions, and the audio to listen to online as often as you wish) costs just £5.99.


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