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A challenging new Italian easy reader out now!

“Buona domenica” from EasyReaders.Org.

Just a quick one to let you know I’ve just published (like, literally, minutes ago) a new easy reader ebook, Colombo e il mare Oceano.Italian easy readers - Colombo e il mare Oceano - cover image

September 1492, Atlantic Ocean: Christopher Columbus is wrestling with his fear of failure and ruin. After months at sea, there’s still no sign of land. Captains and crew are growing desperate!

This is not a long text. The audio is 23 minutes and I finished the story in less than an hour (skipping the exercises…)

But there were lots of words that were new to me.

And the audio was fast.

Even though it was recorded by a colleague who I’ve known for years and speak to every day, at times I was pushed to keep up.

Conclusion: this is one for students of Italian who like a challenge!

You should have at least intermediate level, preferably above.

Before you buy, do download the free sample chapter (.pdf),  just to be sure the material is right for you.

Oh, and by the way, you can save 25% on the normal easy reader price if you get it this first week.

The full version of Colombo e il mare Oceano (eight chapters, eight glossaries, eight exercises, solutions, and the audio to listen to online as often as you wish) costs just £5.99.


Other titles in our ‘Day in the life of’ series include.

Why not read and listen to them all??

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Nine Book Of The Film Easy Readers – Save 50%!

Learning Italian?

Just a quick “Heads up!” to let you know that we’ve published a new ‘bundle’ of Italian easy readers, this time especially for movie buffs.

Since the success of our Eighteen Italian Easy Readers – HALF PRICE! bundle, I’ve been meaning to put together something similar for our ‘Book of the Classic Italian Movie’ series.

So here it is:

Nine Book Of The Film Easy Readers – Save 50%!

Read our ‘easy reader’ versions of these classic Italian movies to understand the plot and get to know the characters.

Then go find the movie and watch it!

You’ll be amazed how much the easy readers help.

I know, because I’ve tried it myself!

Work your way up, level by level, from A2 (the easiest) to B1/B2 (the hardest).

In doing so, you’ll boost your Italian (grammar, vocabulary, reading and listening skills), while at the same time getting to know some of the classics of Italian cinema!!

Nine ebooks, normally £7.99 each, total €71.91.

Yours for just £35.95!

Nine Book Of The Film Easy Readers – Save 50%!


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You should have received a 33% discount voucher to use on the site.

If you haven’t used it yet, why not take this opportunity to save EVEN MORE?

The voucher is good for a third off, even on items that are already on sale!

Like the bundles mentioned above…

Eighteen Italian Easy Readers – HALF PRICE!

Nine Book Of The Film Easy Readers – Save 50%!


If you’d rather not receive emails like this, look for the unsubscribe link and click it to manage your subscription.

It’s normally in the ‘footer’ of the email.


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FREE ebooks: Italian, Spanish, French, German!

Starting today, EasyReaders.Org is offering one free ebook download for each of our major languages: Italian, Spanish, French & German.

The free ebooks are clearly marked with a ‘Sale’ symbol in the Learn Italian, Learn Spanish, Learn French and Learn German sections of our online shop.

Getting your hands on them is easy:

  1. Add the ebooks you want to your cart
  2. Click ‘Cart’ in the menu to view your selection
  3. Press the large ‘Proceed to Checkout’ button
  4. Fill in your details and press the orange ‘Place order’ button
  5. You’ll be redirected to a page with links to download your free ebook or ebooks

No payment information is asked for, unles you decide to buy something as well.

Later, there’ll be an email to confirm your order. Pay attention to this one – it also contains the download link or links.

Simple as that.

The download links are good for a maximum of three downloads (to save our server) and will expire after seven days.

So save your ebook(s) someplace safe on our computer, tablet or smartphone.

Oh, and would you help us out by spreading the word to any friends who are studying one of these languages?

Teachers, you could even mention this to your students…

Here are those links again:

Learn Italian | Learn Spanish | Learn French | Learn German


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What’s on sale this week at

What’s on sale this week at

All five levels of our Italian Workout! series, that’s what.

They’re reduced from £15.99 to £11.99 (that’s a 25% saving!)

For each level, you get a .pdf ebook and audio files.

Get all five levels and you’ll cover nearly the entire Italian syllabus…

Get the Italian Workout! for your level

Browse e-books for learning Italian

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Save 50% On This Selection Of Easy Readers

Which language (or languages) will YOU study this week?

At we plan to change our promotions each Thursday, Giovedi, jeudi, juves, Donnerstag!

So from today until Wednesday 5th October, check out the fantastic 50% discount on these four easy readers: one each in Italian, French, Spanish & German!

Cover image: Rosa la cuoca disastrosaRosa la cuoca disastrosa

Italian, A1, normally £7.99 this week just £3.99!

Click here



Easy Spanish Readers - Rosa, la pésima cocinera - Cover ImageRosa, la pésima cocinera

Spanish, A1, normally £7.99 this week just £3.99!

Click here



Easy French Readers - Monique, la cuisinière catastrophique - Cover ImageMonique, la cuisinière catastrophique

French, A1, normally £7.99 this week just £3.99!

Click here



German easy readers - Susi, die katastrophale Köchin - Cover imageSusi, die katastrophale Köchin

German, A1, normally £7.99 this week just £3.99!

Click here



Or get all four and compare them!!

That should keep you busy until next Thursday, Giovedi, jeudi, juves, Donnerstag…

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EasyReaders.Org Is Live!

Welcome to EasyReaders.Org.

‘Easy readers’ are simplified books for language learners.

Ours are written by language teachers and come with an audio recorded by a native speaker of the language you are learning.

Currently we have around fifty e-book easy readers for you to choose from, the majority in Italian, but some also in English, German, French, Spanish and other languages!

There’s always a free sample chapter to download before you buy.

Visit our shop to start learning with easy readers!

Or for more information, see our FAQ or contact us.