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What’s on sale this week at

What’s on sale this week at

All five levels of our Italian Workout! series, that’s what.

They’re reduced from £15.99 to £11.99 (that’s a 25% saving!)

For each level, you get a .pdf ebook and audio files.

Get all five levels and you’ll cover nearly the entire Italian syllabus…

Get the Italian Workout! for your level

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Save 50% On This Selection Of Easy Readers

Which language (or languages) will YOU study this week?

At we plan to change our promotions each Thursday, Giovedi, jeudi, juves, Donnerstag!

So from today until Wednesday 5th October, check out the fantastic 50% discount on these four easy readers: one each in Italian, French, Spanish & German!

Cover image: Rosa la cuoca disastrosaRosa la cuoca disastrosa

Italian, A1, normally £7.99 this week just £3.99!

Click here



Easy Spanish Readers - Rosa, la pésima cocinera - Cover ImageRosa, la pésima cocinera

Spanish, A1, normally £7.99 this week just £3.99!

Click here



Easy French Readers - Monique, la cuisinière catastrophique - Cover ImageMonique, la cuisinière catastrophique

French, A1, normally £7.99 this week just £3.99!

Click here



German easy readers - Susi, die katastrophale Köchin - Cover imageSusi, die katastrophale Köchin

German, A1, normally £7.99 this week just £3.99!

Click here



Or get all four and compare them!!

That should keep you busy until next Thursday, Giovedi, jeudi, juves, Donnerstag…

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EasyReaders.Org Is Live!

Welcome to EasyReaders.Org.

‘Easy readers’ are simplified books for language learners.

Ours are written by language teachers and come with an audio recorded by a native speaker of the language you are learning.

Currently we have around fifty e-book easy readers for you to choose from, the majority in Italian, but some also in English, German, French, Spanish and other languages!

There’s always a free sample chapter to download before you buy.

Visit our shop to start learning with easy readers!

Or for more information, see our FAQ or contact us.