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Online Lessons & Ebooks – Just 36 Hours Left to Save 20%!

A quick reminder about the EasyReaders.Org 2018 January Sale, which is ending in a little over thirty-six hours from now, at midnight on Sunday 7th of January.

The cost of EVERYTHING at – online lessons with native speaker teachers, ebooks for learning languages, ‘easy readers’, ‘parallel texts’ – will be reduced by 20% when you use this coupon code:


For example?

Well, ten thirty-minute online lessons with a native speaker teacher (Italian, French, Spanish, German…) would normally cost you £150 (just £15 a lesson).

But with the above coupon code, that figure is reduced to just £120 (£12 a lesson), which is like getting two free lessons!

Or what about this?

An ebook ‘easy reader’ (simplified text + audio) or ‘parallel text’ (simplified text + translation), both of which are ideal for supplementing a more traditional language course, would normally cost £7.99.

But with the coupon code, you could buy several, perhaps at different levels (so anticipating the progress you will make this year) and get MORE learning material for your money.

Add five ebooks to your cart and the twenty percent saving means you’ll only be paying for four. Choose ten but pay for eight, and so on.

So how exactly can you save money on your language-learning this year?

First, make your selection of one-to-one online lesson options and ebooks from our new catalogue page.

(Or view only the language that interests you with these links: Italian | French | Spanish | German | Other languages.)

Then go to your shopping cart and apply coupon code january_sale_2018_save_20% to reduce the cart total by 20%.

Remember: the coupon code is only good for another thirty-six hours, until Sunday 7th January.

Find some time today to stock up on the online lesson credits, easy readers, parallel texts and grammar workbooks that you will need to make progress with your chosen foreign language in 2018!

Once again, the coupon code to use in your cart to reduce the published prices by a full 20% is:


Browse the catalogue now!

Or go directly to the language you’re studying: Italian | French | Spanish | German | Other languages.

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SALE: 20% Off Online Lessons, Easy Readers & Parallel Texts!

The EasyReaders.Org 2018 January Sale starts today!

If you’re learning Italian, Spanish, French, German (or certain other languages) you can therefore save significant sums.

Everything in our shop – online lessons with native speaker teachers, ebooks for learning foreign languages, easy readers, parallel texts – will be discounted…

You just have to remember to use this coupon code:


First make your selection from the one-to-one online lesson options and from our range of ebooks created to keep you interested and making progress:

Italian | French | Spanish | German | Other languages

Then go to your shopping cart and apply coupon code january_sale_2018_save_20% to reduce the cart total by 20%.

The coupon code is good until Sunday 7th January.

You can use it as often as you wish, and there is no minimum or maximum spend.

Restrictions? Small print?

The code can’t be used together with any other code you may already have.

Besides that, no.

So do find some time over the holiday period to stock up on online lesson credits, easy readers, parallel texts and grammar workbooks – at an unbeatable price!

Italian | French | Spanish | German | Other languages


Here’s that coupon code again:


And here’s where you can use it: EasyReaders.Org/Shop

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Save 20% on Ebooks in the EasyReaders.Org Autumn/Fall Sale!

Summer is done.

The kids are back in school, temperatures are dropping, leaves are falling from trees (well not yet, but they will be soon.)

Oh well…

At least we’ve got a solid three months before Christmas/New Year.

That’s a good block of time in which to make progress with your Italian, French, German, Spanish, or whichever language or languages you’re working on (Swedish in my case.)

That’s IF you have the right teaching support, and plenty of stimulating materials to work on.

Fortunately, this week there’s the EasyReaders.Org ‘Autumn/Fall Sale’ on ebooks and online lessons!

Coupon code autumn_sale_2017_save_20%! will save you 20% on one-to-one online lessons (with a native-speaker teacher) and on a range of ebooks created to keep you engaged and making progress.

So find some time this week to stock up on online lesson credits, easy readers, parallel texts and grammar workbooks – at an unbeatable price!

The coupon code is good until Sunday night (the next sale won’t be until Christmas/New Year.)

Italian | French | Spanish | German | Other languages

And here’s that coupon code again:


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Learning Spanish or French? Two new parallel text ebooks!

If you’re learning a foreign language, make sure to include plenty of text-work in your study program.

Reading in the language you’re studying will help consolidate the grammar and vocbaulary you’ve sweated over, while building the skills you’ll need when you get out there in the real world!

But what should you read??

Obviously it should be a text designed for learners, something ‘graded’ to approximately the level you’ve reached (so that it’s not too hard, or too easy…)

But beyond that, well you don’t want ‘boring’, do you?

Language study can be hard to stick to at the best of times…

And uninteresting or sleep-inducing materials won’t make that any easier!

Today though, for anyone learning Spanish or French, the ‘what to read’ decision just got a little easier.

We’ve published two new parallel texts at A2 (pre-intermediate) level.

One is Spanish/English and the other French/English, so we’ve got you covered whichever langauge you’re working on.

The story is the same in both versions: a handsome young architect has a passion for girls, who seem to fall into his arms. But then, one day, he falls in love for real. In a supermarket!

There are FREE sample chapters available from the respective product pages in our online shop.

Here are the links:

French/English Parallel Texts - L’amour aux temps du supermarché - cover imageFrench/English Parallel Text: L’amour aux temps du supermarché

Spanish/English Parallel Text: Amor en el supermercado Spanish/English Parallel Texts - Amor en el supermercado - cover image

Or click here to browse all of our ebooks for learning foreign languages.

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New Italian/French/Spanish Easy Readers and Parallel Texts!

Spanish easy readers - El ascensor - cover image

Into languages?

So check out the seven new ebooks now available for learners of Italian, French and Spanish!

There are two new easy readers, one in Spanish and one in French.

Plus five new parallel texts: one each for Spanish/English and French/English, and three for Italian/English.

The easy readers have exercises and free online audio, so you can listen as well.

French - English parallel texts for learners - L'ascenseur - cover imageThe parallel texts have the story in the language you’re learning, plus a line by line translation into English.

FREE SAMPLE CHAPTERS are available to download for all our titles – that way you can see how the .pdf opens on your phone, tablet or computer BEFORE you buy.

And as always, the first week of publication there’s a 25% discount on the usual ebook price!

Stimulating, original materials for learning foreign languages, a free sample chapter so you can see whether these materials are right for you, and even a discount!

What’s not to like?


‘El ascensor’ (The Elevator) tells the story of two neigbours who become stuck in a lift. Unfortunately, they’ve never liked each other…. Easy reader version | Spanish/English parallel text version


‘L’ascenseur’, you guessed it, is the same story as in the Spanish versions above. But this time it’s set in France, and written especially for learners of French!  Easy reader version | French/English parallel text version


And yes, there’s an Italian version, too! We published the Italian easy reader ‘L’ascensore‘ a while back, so that one’s not on offer this week. What’s new is the Italian/English parallel text version and that one’s 25% OFF for the next few days…

Also new in our Italian department are two higher level ebooks:

Un’indagine molto privata stars Gianna, translator of crime fiction, who begins her own investigation when her husband starts behaving suspiciously…

This Italian/English parallel text is suitable for intermediate-level students, as is ‘Michelangelo e il Mosè‘.

Yes, it’s THAT Michelangelo. Follow him and his faithful assistant as they create a masterpiece in marble…


Our online shop has hundreds of original ebooks for learners of Italian, French, Spanish, German and other languages.

And did you know, if you join our mailing list, you’ll be sent a 33% coupon code?

The details are here.

Browse ebooks for learning languages.

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New Easy Italian Reader: ‘La vita è bella’

Learning Italian?

Then you might be interested to know that there’s a new, easy Italian reader available in our online shop.

This time it’s Roberto Benigni’s Oscar-winning classic ‘La vita è bella‘.

La vita è bella - easy Italian reader - cover image

The level of this ebook is B1/B2, which means it’s suitable for intermediate and advanced students.

However, if you want to take a look, right click on this link and choose ‘save as’ to download the free sample chapter (.pdf).

You’ll find an audio link at the top of Chapter 1.

The audio files for the entire story are available to listen to, absolutely free of charge, at

Click here to listen:

A new browser window will open, showing the interface.

Press the play button (white triangle in an orange circle).

Listen to the audio while following the text in the free sample chapter .pdf.

As always for our ebooks, there’s a discount the first week.

If you’re quick, you can get the full version of ‘La vita è bella’, all nine chapters and online audio, at 25% OFF the usual price!

That’s just £5.99, rather than the regular easy reader price of £7.99.

Here are those links again:

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Italian/Spanish/French/German: FREE DOWNLOADS!

Learning Italian, Spanish, French or German?

Then you must take a look at the FREE DOWNLOADS now available at EasyReaders.Org!

We have two free ebook titles for learning Italian, French and Spanish, plus one for students of German.

That’s seven free titles in all, a mix of simplified easy readers and parallel texts.

Easy readers are simplified stories with audio and exercises.

With the parallel text versions, you get the original text in the language that you’re studying, along with a line-by-line English translation.

These materials are guaranteed to give your reading and listening skills a boost, and will also help you consolidate the grammar and vocabulary you have learnt.

Get your free copies today – no registration or payment necessary!

Italian | French | Spanish | German

Or browse our online shop to view all of the original easy readers and parallel texts for language learners.

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New Spanish and French easy reader titles – half price this week!

Learn French or Spanish by reading and listening to easy readers – simplified stories in the language that you are studying!

This week we’ve published two new titles in each language, and they’re half the usual price until Wednesday 16th August.

Spanish Easy Readers

Spanish easy readers - Amor en el supermercado - cover imageAmor en el supermercado‘ is an A2 level story:

Rubén is a handsome young Spanish architect with a passion for girls. That is, until the day he finds love… in a supermarket!

Buy now

Easy Spanish readers - Campo de amapolas - cover image



Campo de amapolas‘ is slightly harder at level B1, and rather longer too:

A young artist, who can’t pay his rent, offers to paint his landlord’s flat instead. But guess who the landlord’s daughter turns out to be?

Buy now

Or get our introductory Spanish easy reader, El restaurante, completely free!

Browse Spanish easy readers and parallel texts

French Easy Readers

French easy readers - Des secrets et des boulettes - cover imageDes secrets et des boulettes‘ is an intermediate/upper-intemediate level easy reader, which means its chapters are longer.

Meet ‘la famille Macaron’: father, mother, son and daughter, who together run “Chez Robert”, a restaurant in a small French town. The business has been in the family for generations, and everyone pulls together to make it a success! But when the chance comes to win an important gastronomic award, the pressure starts to mount…

Buy now

Easy French readers - Un délit artificiel - cover imageUn délit artificiel‘ is also intermediate/upper-intemediate level.

Paris, mid-summer, and the temperature outside is so high that sensible people stay at home with the shutters closed and the air-conditioning at maximum. So a private detective is surprised when he receives a phone call from the son of one of the city’s great families. Will he agree to investigate the theft of a famous painting?

Buy now

And as for the Spanish, there’s one French easy reader, Le restaurant, available to download free.

Browse French easy readers and parallel texts

Other languages!

EasyReaders.Org also publishes ebooks for these other languages.

Visit our online shop to see what’s available, and to discover the FREE samples!

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Italian-English Parallel Texts – Half Price This Week Only!

Get Italian/English parallel texts at half price this week from

These are perfect for students of Italian who need support with reading.

You get the original Italian story, and a line-by-line translation into English.

We have sixteen titles available at the moment. These normally sell for £7.99 each, but this week are 50% off, just £3.99 each!

Click the links below to visit our online shop and browse.

And each title has a free sample chapter, so you can try before you buy!

Italian/English parallel texts – page 1

Italian/English parallel texts – page 2

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Apologies for Monday’s accident / 20% Easter Sale coupon code

Apologies to everyone who received two old articles from on Monday this week.

We had some techical issues with our online shop, now resolved I hope!

These resulted in the system sending out a couple of old articles promoting things which were on offer way back when, but which were no longer available that day.


As I was teaching (elementary school kids) at the time, I couldn’t get to a computer in time to find out what had happened, or to apologise.

Anyway, by way of compensation for the mess up, here are advance details of our Easter Offer on ebooks (Italian & various other languages) and online Italian lessons.

The coupon code, valid at and at, is:

easter offer 2017

Just copy and paste the above line into the box in your shopping cart (where it says ‘Apply coupon’) to get the discount.

Details are as follows:

  • The code above gets you a 20% discount on lessons and ebooks
  • It’s valid through 23/04/17
  • There’s no min. or max. spend
  • It can be used multiple times until the end of the offer on 23rd April 2017
  • It applies to items on sale but cannot be used with other coupons you may have

If you’re unsure what to do, check out the ‘how to use the coupon code’ page


Italian lessons / ebooks can be bought in EUROS from, with payment through Paypal, here:

Or from in British pounds, with payment through Paypal, Amazon or bank transfer (if you have a UK bank account) here:

For help, or for advice on which ebooks or lesson package might suit you best, my email is at the bottom of each page on both sites.

Buona pasqua!