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Book of the Week: Italian, French, Spanish, German – 50% Off

Antonio and Martina have been married for forty years and together run their own hairdressing salon. Naturally, they know everyone’s secrets, and like to help people if they can……

Learning Italian, French, Spanish or German?

Studying grammar and vocabulary is a great start, but don’t neglect the fundamental skills of listening and reading!

Without the ability to understand what you hear, you’ll have more difficulty in conversation. Plus, reading is the ideal way to consolidate the grammar you’re studying, and to expand your vocabulary!

But what to read?

Authentic texts such as newspapers and books are likely to be be too hard at first. And yet course materials and websites may not include enough ‘simplified’ texts to practise with.

‘Easy readers’ are one solution.

These simplified stories, with comprehension questions and online audio, come at different levels so you’ll never have to feel demotivated.

What’s more, you’ll naturally want to find out what happens next in the story, which keeps you reading and listening, and so improving!

Try an EasyReaders.Org ‘easy reader’ in the language that you’re studying at HALF THE USUAL PRICE with this week’s ‘Book of the Week’ offer.

For just £3.99 rather than the usual £7.99 you get:

  • a .pdf e-book which is readable on most devices – computer, tablet, smartphone…
  • audio available free online at
  • a text that is suitable for students at elementary level and above
  • 8 very short chapters to read and listen to
  • comprehension questions to check your understanding
  • a glossary of ‘difficult’ terms for the level
  • download the first chapter FREE to check the level is right for you

This week’s easy reader ‘Book of the Week’ is ‘Scissor Cut’, which is A1-elementary level and so suitable for just about everyone.

Follow the links below to download the FREE SAMPLE CHAPTER in the language that you’re studying!

Or consult our catalog to see what else is available in the language you’re learning and to find the perfect material for your present level!

There are free sample chapters available for all of our materials – download and read/listen to as many as you wish, with no commitment!

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