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Don’t forget – the 2021 Spring Sale ends tonight!

Don’t forget – the 2021 Spring Sale ends tonight, Sunday 28th March 2021.

Coupon code …


… is currently valid on EVERYTHING at (online lessons with native speaker teachers, ebooks for learning languages, ‘easy readers’, ‘parallel texts’ etc.) …

but expires tonight!

Ten thirty-minute online lessons with a native speaker teacher (Italian, French, Spanish, German…) would normally cost you £180

But with the coupon code?

Just £144 (£14.40 a lesson).

And the ebook ‘easy readers’ (simplified texts + audio) or ‘parallel texts’ (simplified texts + translations), which are ideal for supplementing a more traditional language course, normally cost £7.99.

But are just £6.39 each with the coupon code.

For a few more hours, at least…

Stock up on the lesson credits and study materials you need now, while there’s still time!

Browse the catalogue.

Or go directly to the language you’re studying:

Italian | French | Spanish | German

Don’t forget, the coupon code to use in your cart to reduce the published prices by a full 20% is:


(The next sale won’t be until July…)

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