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Ebook Colpa della terra, Libro 1, Colpa della terra (B2) -25%

Easy Italian readers - Colpa della terra, Libro 1, Colpa della terra - cover image

This week we’ve published the first in a series of five ‘easy reader’ ebooks which tell the story of three generations of an Italian family that emigrates to the USA.

The first is called Colpa della terra, Libro 1, Colpa della terra, so the volume name is also the series name, if you see what I mean.

Its level is B2, which means it’s not suitable for beginners or for those who have not previously read in Italian, but should be OK for others (check the Free Sample Chapter .pdf to be sure!)

Libro 1 begins in 1895, in the village of Siano, Salerno. The narrator is Santo, a father of three who has fallen on hard times. The story opens as Santo welcomes home his childhood friend (and former rival in love), Cristiano, who after nine years has returned from across the ocean with tales of opportunity…

Cristiano sta appoggiato con la schiena a un muro e mastica un paletto. Non è cambiato quasi per nulla fisicamente, ma ha delle occhiaie più profonde, qualche capello grigio e un nuovo taglio, i baffi più sottili e dei vestiti nuovi. Sono contento di vederlo, dopo nove anni che manca dal paese. Mi è quasi preso un infarto quando mio fratello mi ha detto di averlo visto in piazza. “Pensavo che non tornavi più, Cristià!” gli dico correndogli incontro.

  • .pdf e-book (+ audio available free online)
  • .mobi (Kindle-compatible) and .epub (other ebook readers) available on request at no extra charge – just add a note to the order form or email us
  • 8 chapters to read and listen to!
  • Comprehension questions to check your understanding
  • Italian/English glossary of ‘difficult’ terms for the level
  • Suitable for students at intermediate level or above
  • Download your Free Sample Chapter (.pdf)

Buy Colpa della terra, Libro 1, Colpa della terra , just £5.99! | Free Sample Chapter (.pdf) | Catalog

How do I access my ebook?

When your order is ‘completed’ (normally immediately after payment), a download link will be automatically emailed to you. It’s valid for 7 days and 3 download attempts so please save a copy of the .pdf ebook in a safe place. Other versions of the ebook (.mobi/Kindle-compatible, .epub) cannot be downloaded but will be emailed to people who request them.

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