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eBook of the Week, ‘La metamorfosi’ (B2/C21), £4.99

This week’s half-price eBook of the Week offer is the B2/C21-level ‘La metamorfosi‘, by the famous Italian writer Franza Kafka.

Just joking! Of course Kafka wasn’t Italian. But where was he actually from? Check out the Free Sample Chapter (.pdf) to find out.

But anyway, why would you want to read and listen to simplified Italian versions of classics of World Literature?

Well why not? Sometimes a familiar tale is reassuring when faced with the complexities of reading and listening in the language you’re learning. And perhaps you’ve never read the story in your own language, so are curious?

To say the least, ‘La metamorfosi‘ is thought-provoking. Besides, you can also read/listen to ‘easy reader’ versions of some of the classics of Italian literature! Look out for the green covers on our Catalog pages (linked to below), or browse the dedicated literature pages which show them by type: World Literature | Italian literature

Is B2/C1 (upper-intermediate) too hard for you? No worries! We’ve reorganised our ebook catalog by level, from the easiest to the hardest. Find something more appropriate by following these links: A1 | A1/A2 | A2 | A2/B1 | B1 | B1/B2 | B2 | B2/C1 | C1 | C1/C2 | C2 

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Improve your Italian reading and listening skills with this B2/C1-level ‘riassunto’ for students of Italian L2 of ‘La metamorfosi’ by Franz Kafka.

Kafka fu un autore allegorico, perché rappresentava una vicenda per “dire altro”; ha voluto forse rappresentare la solitudine e il senso di diversità dell’ebreo nella Mitteleuropa,la propria estraneità alla sua famiglia, il senso di colpa e l’impotenza umana del singolo di fronte al mondo e alla sua burocrazia. La maggior parte delle sue opere, come ‘La metamorfosi’, ‘Il processo’ e ‘Il castello’, sono piene di temi di alienazione, brutalità fisica e psicologica, e conflittualità genitori-figli.

Scritto nel 1912, La metamorfosi è uno dei testi più noti dello scrittore, in cui si descrivono le vicende di un uomo, Gregorio Samsa, che di mestiere fa il commesso viaggiatore, e che una mattina si sveglia e scopre di essersi trasformato in un enorme scarafaggio.

  • .pdf e-book (+ audio available free online)
  • .mobi (Kindle-compatible) and .epub (other ebook readers) available on request at no extra charge – just add a note to the order form or email us
  • 8 chapters to read and listen to
  • Comprehension questions to check your understanding
  • Italian/English glossary of ‘difficult’ terms for the level
  • Suitable for students at intermediate level or above
  • Download your Free Sample Chapter (.pdf)

Remember, this week ‘La metamorfosi‘ is 50% discounted, so just £4.99 rather than the usual ‘easy reader’ ebook price of £9.99!

Buy ‘La metamorfosi‘ just £4.99! | Free Sample Chapter (.pdf) | World Literature series | Italian literature series | Catalog (shows ebooks organised by type, then level)

Or find more ebooks, organised by level, then type: A1 | A1/A2 | A2 | A2/B1 | B1 | B1/B2 | B2 | B2/C1 | C1 | C1/C2 | C2

How do I access my ebook?

When your order is ‘completed’ (normally immediately after your payment), a download link will be automatically emailed to you. It’s valid for 7 days and 3 download attempts so please save a copy of the .pdf ebook in a safe place. Other versions of the ebook, where available, cannot be downloaded but will be emailed to people who request them. There’s a space to do that on the order form – where it says Additional information, Order notes (optional). If you forget, or if you have problems downloading the .pdf, don’t worry! Email us at the address on the website and we’ll help. Also, why not check out our FAQ?


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