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FREE ebooks: Italian, Spanish, French, German!

Starting today, EasyReaders.Org is offering one free ebook download for each of our major languages: Italian, Spanish, French & German.

The free ebooks are clearly marked with a ‘Sale’ symbol in the Learn Italian, Learn Spanish, Learn French and Learn German sections of our online shop.

Getting your hands on them is easy:

  1. Add the ebooks you want to your cart
  2. Click ‘Cart’ in the menu to view your selection
  3. Press the large ‘Proceed to Checkout’ button
  4. Fill in your details and press the orange ‘Place order’ button
  5. You’ll be redirected to a page with links to download your free ebook or ebooks

No payment information is asked for, unles you decide to buy something as well.

Later, there’ll be an email to confirm your order. Pay attention to this one – it also contains the download link or links.

Simple as that.

The download links are good for a maximum of three downloads (to save our server) and will expire after seven days.

So save your ebook(s) someplace safe on our computer, tablet or smartphone.

Oh, and would you help us out by spreading the word to any friends who are studying one of these languages?

Teachers, you could even mention this to your students…

Here are those links again:

Learn Italian | Learn Spanish | Learn French | Learn German