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FREE Online Italian Lesson Offer Next Week!

Here’s a quick ‘heads up!’ about something we have planned for next week at EasyReaders.Org.

Ever wondered what it would be like to take a one-to-one lesson, online, with a native-speaker Italian teacher?

Just you and the teacher.

You could do conversation, work through some grammar, ask for study tips or help with pronunciation. Whatever you want.

So next week? You’ll get the chance to find out!

From the morning of Nov. 4th 2019 until the night of Sunday 10th November 2019, we’ll be having our semi-annual ‘FREE Online Italian Lesson Offer’ (the other one was, and will be, in February.)

The promotion is aimed at attracting new online students, obviously.

The idea is to give people a chance to try a thirty-minute online lesson with one of our team of Italian teachers with absolutely no commitment.

By that I mean we don’t ask for credit card details and you don’t have to pay anything. In fact, there’s no obligation or cost whatsoever.

How will this offer work?

See the page below?

Skype Italian Lessons

You can see there are three options:

On Monday, the price of the first one, 1 x 30-minute Italian lesson £20, will be reduced from £20 to £0.

This offer is for NEW STUDENTS ONLY (we have a list of people who have done a free lesson during previous offers).

If you’d like to try an online lesson, on us, all you have to do (next week – not now) is:

  1. Select the 1 x 30-minute Italian lesson £20 product, which by then will be marked at £0
  2. Add it to your Cart
  3. Proceed with your order in the usual way, except that THERE WILL BE NO PAYMENT STAGE

We’ll need your name and email, obviously.

When we get your confirmed order, our teaching manager (her name is Lucia) will email you to find out what your needs are and when you would like to do your lesson.

That might take a few days if demand is considerable.

When you reply, Lucia will then match you up with an online teacher and put the two of you in contact.

N.b. You don’t actually have to DO the online lesson next week, just book it through the online shop (as outlined above.) So if you’re travelling, or insanely busy, just find a moment to do that and worry about the rest later.

One final thing – once you’ve taken your lesson, Lucia will send you a coupon code to get you a discount on Skype Italian Lessons, should you choose to do some more…

We hope you will!

So that’s next week, starting on Monday 4th November 2019.

In the mean time, why not check out our Catalogue Page, which shows our full range of language-learning options and materials?

Alla prossima settimana!

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