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Free Trial Online Italian Lesson offer & Tuesday’s Easy News

This week at EasyReaders.Org we’re busy with our six-monthly Free Trial Online Italian Lesson offer, which started yesterday and continues to Sunday.

We’re giving away a hundred free online Italian lessons!

In our online shop, you’ll see various online Italian lesson options.

You can choose between packages of five or ten lessons and so benefit from a discount for quantity.

It’s also possible to buy just the one lesson, so as to give it a try.

But that’s the most costly option, on a price-per-lesson basis…

Twice a year, though, this ‘one lesson’ option is re-priced at ZERO, rather than the usual £20.

Which means that, if you’d like to try an online lesson with a native-speaker Italian teacher, you can.

With absolutely no risk – you don’t have to buy some to get one free, you don’t have to provide payment details, or sign anything.

It’s a genuinely free, no-tricks, offer.

N.B. This promotion is for new students only, and the free trial lesson is limited to one per person.

Book your free trial Italian lesson

Once we receive your order, our teaching manager, Lucia, will contact you to find out what your needs and preferences are and, importantly, WHEN you’d like to do your free lesson.

She’ll then put you in contact with one of our online teachers.

Allow 24 hours or so for Lucia to get in touch, as she’ll be having a busy week.

These are the conditions:

  • The offer is good from yesterday, 12/11/18 to Sunday, 18/11/18
  • You don’t have to DO the lesson this week, just ‘book’ it
  • We’ve got the capacity for around a hundred new students to do a trial lesson
  • If demand exceeds that, we’ll organise the lessons in the order they are booked
  • This offer is for NEW STUDENTS ONLY
  • If you booked a free trial last time but didn’t take it – do try again!
  • But if you’ve already done a free trial (Lucia has a list), this is not for you
  • Once you’ve done your lesson, you’ll receive a 15% discount coupon

View online lesson prices here.

Then click here to book your free trial Italian lesson.


At our sister website,, we publish three news bulletins a week, on Thursday mornings, on Saturday mornings, and then again on Tuesdays.

Each edition is between eight and ten minutes long, so thirty minutes or so of original material each week. If you listen to each one several times, you’ll be getting hours and hours of practice, at zero cost!

It’s even possible to sign up and so get each new edition via email, as soon as it is published. And that’s free, too.

The idea is that the emails will act as a reminder – today’s the day to work on your Italian reading and listening skills – and so help you build the routine that will lead to you better understanding the language.

You can listen for free by visiting the website:

And to get the bulletins three times a week? Enter your email in the form in the sidebar at (Look on the left-hand side, where it says ‘NEVER MISS ‘EASY ITALIAN NEWS’!’)

Easy Italian News is usable by anyone with an Internet connection, anywhere in the world. There’s no charge because the site is funded by donations from users.

If you would also like to gift money to help the website pay the writers, editor and newsreader, you can do easily and securely, in pounds, dollars (Australian and U.S.) or euros, from the donate page.

Scroll down to find the currency you prefer, then select the amount you wish to give. Credit card payments are processed by Paypal not by the website itself, so there’s no risk at all.

Your donation can be anonymous, or you can add your name, or the name of your organisation or school, which will then be listed in the “Many thanks to…” section at the bottom of the page with the payment options.


FREE TRIAL 30-minute online Italian lesson | Easy Italian News

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