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From Monday 8th February: 150 FREE Online Language Lessons!

It’s February, so ALMOST time for our semi-annual ‘Free Trial Online Lesson’ offer – and this time it’s not just Italian lessons we’re giving away, but one-to-one Spanish, French and German lessons too!

Next week at EasyReaders.Org, 150 FREE ONLINE LANGUAGE LESSONS are up for grabs (the offer begins on Monday 8th February and is for new students only.)

This is a promotion we do twice a year, when things are otherwise quiet – the last one was in November 2020, the February offer is next week, and the next promotion of this type won’t be until November 2021.

Each time we do this offer, we aim to give away a hundred and fifty free online language lessons, which are normally priced at £20 each (you’d pay less per lesson for packs of ten, twenty or thirty 30-minute lesson credits – see prices.)

So why not try an online lesson (via Skype or Zoom) with one of our friendly mother-tongue teachers, at a cost of exactly ZERO? We have hundreds of online students, mostly of Italian but now also for other languages, and most of them began this way, with a free trial. Read genuine, unedited customer reviews in our online shop, for example here.

N.b. You don’t have to buy a lesson to get one free, we won’t even ask for your card details – all we need to organise your lesson is your email address (which you see, we already have…), so our teaching management assistant can arrange for a suitable member of our teaching team to contact you to organise your lesson.

Before allocating a teacher, we’ll email you a brief questionnaire to find out your existing level in the language you want to practice, and whether you have any particular needs or preferences for your 30-minute trial.

Be assured – this is a genuinely-free offer! But if you’re uninterested in hearing more about next week’s promotion?

Each ‘bulk’ emailed article we send out, including this one, has an UNSUBSCRIBE LINK, normally at the bottom. If you’d prefer not to hear from us in future, SCROLL DOWN NOW and click the unsubscribe link – it takes just seconds to permanently remove your email address from our database.

Offer details:

  • The Free Trial Online Lesson offer begins on Monday February 8th and ends on Sunday February 14th 2021
  • There’s no need to actually DO your free lesson that week, just ‘book’ it
  • This offer is for NEW STUDENTS ONLY
  • If you booked a free trial last time but didn’t take it – do try again!
  • But if you’ve already done a free trial in the past, sorry but this is not for you…
  • After completing your lesson, you’ll be sent a 15% discount coupon which gets you a one-time discount on future online lessons, to incentivize you continue (view prices)
  • Besides that coupon, we have four 20%-Off promotions each year (in the spring, the summer, the fall, and at New Year), so most of our regular students pay 20% less than the prices you see in the shop, here

Browse our catalog of language lessons and ebooks, where you’ll also find free ebook downloads for learners of Italian, Spanish, French, German and certain other languages.

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