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Half-priced easy-reader ‘eBook of the Week’: La commediante

This week’s 50%-Off, easy-reader ‘eBook of the Week’ offer is the C1 (advanced) -level La commediante.

Italian easy readers - La commediante - cover image

Nel 1500 nasce in Italia un nuovo modo di fare teatro. Si tratta della “Commedia dell’arte”, un tipo di teatro popolare che prende vita nelle piazze.

Le rappresentazioni non si basavano su un copione ben definito ma, piuttosto, su un “canovaccio” ovvero una traccia generica della storia. Toccava poi agli attori improvvisare le battute.

Le “arti” erano le corporazioni dei lavoratori di uno stesso settore. C’era dunque anche una “arte” degli attori. Fino al 1564 le compagnie di attori erano composte di dieci uomini…

Lucrezia is a young prostitute, whose real passion is show business! And because a troupe of players is in town, the local priest is going to have to wait a little longer to see her. Instead of working this afternoon, she’ll get dressed and go down to the piazza to see the show (for the third time!)

The level of this story is C1 (advanced), so it’s suitable for students who already have some experience reading in Italian, or for those who have studied the language for a while and would now like a challenge!

Normally £7.99, La commediante is half price this week, so just £3.99!

For that, you get:

  • .pdf e-book (+ audio available free online)
  • .mobi (Kindle-compatible) and .epub (other ebook readers) available on request at no extra charge – just add a note to the order form or email us
  • 8 chapters to read and listen to
  • Comprehension questions to check your understanding
  • Italian/English glossary of ‘difficult’ terms for the level
  • Suitable for students at upper-intermediate level or above
  • Download your Free Sample Chapter (.pdf)

La commediante, just £3.99! | Free Sample Chapter | Catalog

How do I access my ebook?

When your order is ‘completed’, a download link will be automatically emailed to you. It’s valid for 7 days and 3 download attempts so please save a copy of the .pdf ebook in a safe place. Other versions of the ebook (.mobi/Kindle-compatible, .epub) cannot be downloaded but will be emailed to those who request them.


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