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Learning Spanish or French? Two new parallel text ebooks!

If you’re learning a foreign language, make sure to include plenty of text-work in your study program.

Reading in the language you’re studying will help consolidate the grammar and vocbaulary you’ve sweated over, while building the skills you’ll need when you get out there in the real world!

But what should you read??

Obviously it should be a text designed for learners, something ‘graded’ to approximately the level you’ve reached (so that it’s not too hard, or too easy…)

But beyond that, well you don’t want ‘boring’, do you?

Language study can be hard to stick to at the best of times…

And uninteresting or sleep-inducing materials won’t make that any easier!

Today though, for anyone learning Spanish or French, the ‘what to read’ decision just got a little easier.

We’ve published two new parallel texts at A2 (pre-intermediate) level.

One is Spanish/English and the other French/English, so we’ve got you covered whichever langauge you’re working on.

The story is the same in both versions: a handsome young architect has a passion for girls, who seem to fall into his arms. But then, one day, he falls in love for real. In a supermarket!

There are FREE sample chapters available from the respective product pages in our online shop.

Here are the links:

French/English Parallel Texts - L’amour aux temps du supermarché - cover imageFrench/English Parallel Text: L’amour aux temps du supermarché

Spanish/English Parallel Text: Amor en el supermercado Spanish/English Parallel Texts - Amor en el supermercado - cover image

Or click here to browse all of our ebooks for learning foreign languages.

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