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Listen to Easy Italian News (& don’t forget the Autumn Sale)

Two quick reminders.

Firstly, if you’re learning Italian, be sure to listen to the latest edition of ‘Easy Italian News‘, which we published this morning.

You get online audio, plus a transcript to follow while you listen.

And it’s TOTALLY FREE, with no registration required. There’s not even any advertising.

Click here to listen and read:

And secondly…

Save 20% on Ebooks and Online Italian Lessons!

Don’t forget our Autumn Sale, will you?

This week only, students of Italian, Spanish, French, German (and certain other languages) can save 20% on everything in our shop!

Online lessons with native-speaker teachers, easy reader ebooks, and parallel text ebooks are all a fifth cheaper than usual!

Buy ten one-to-one lessons while paying for only eight, or pop 5 ebooks into your shopping cart (reading and listening practice is essential), but pay for just four of them!

N.b. You need to use this coupon code to save £££ on your order:


First, make your selection from the one-to-one online lesson options and/or from our range of ebooks, which have been especially written to keep you making progress:

Italian | French | Spanish | German | Other languages

Then go to your shopping cart and apply coupon code autumn_sale_2018_minus_20%.

Scroll down to check the cart total has been reduced by 20%.

Coupon code autumn_sale_2018_minus_20% is good until midnight on Sunday 7th October.

You can use it as often as you wish, with no minimum or maximum spend.

But it can’t be used together with any other code you may already have.

Italian | French | Spanish | German | Other languages


The next sale won’t be until New Year…

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