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New, free ‘Easy Italian News’ (& another ‘Book of the Week’)

Buongiorno a tutti!

This week, let’s start with something NEW, and FREE!

Regularly reading and listening to ‘easy’ news stories in Italian is a fantastic way to improve your language skills, especially comprehension, though not only.

The more Italian that enters your eyes and ears, the easier your brain should find it to remember the grammar and vocabulary you’ve been learning.

Plus, you’ll be exposed to topical new words! Squalo, for example…

So do take a minute to check out our latest website for learners of Italian:

Today there’s a free seven-minute ‘news broadcast’.

You get simplified texts, written by our talented team of young Italian teachers, plus online audio to listen to as often as you wish.

If you’re serious about learning Italian, I’d suggest you set aside half an hour and listen to it two or three times.

Click this link to view today’s edition: 18 settembre 2018

Rather read a story?

For those of you with insatiable appetites for fresh material (or perhaps you just prefer simplified fiction to simplified news?), we also have a new, half-price ‘Book of the Week’.Italian easy reader: Il grande pesce rosso

Il grande pesce rosso‘ (The Big Goldfish) is the story of Michele, an Italian boy who tells a lie to impress his friends but then finds himself in a difficult position…

Download the free sample chapter (.pdf) to see the level of the material – it’s very simple!

If you like that, get the full version this week at HALF THE USUAL PRICE, that’s just £3.99!

So, that’s the free ‘easy’ news to read and listen to (click here).

Plus, if you have time, our entertaining tale of a little boy whose lies get him into hot water… (click here).

The ‘Book of the Week‘ offer is good until Sunday night, but why wait?

And we’re planning ‘easy Italian news’ each Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Add the site to your ‘favorites’, then make a note in your calendar to read and listen, free, on those three days.

Buono studio!


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