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New Italian ‘Easy Reader’ ebook on Caravaggio – Save 25%!

Italian easy reaaders - Caravaggio nei vicoli di Roma - cover image

Studying Italian?

Then take a look at our latest ‘easy reader’ ebook (simplified text + online audio), which this week is 25% off the usual price!

Caravaggio nei vicoli di Roma‘ is an upper-intermediate level. If you’ve got a few years of Italian under your belt, and now want something a bit different to supplement your Italian course or lessons, it’s ideal!

‘Easy readers’ are original stories, written specifically for people like you who are learning a foreign language. They’ll help you by:

  • encouraging you to read and listen to Italian
  • motivating you to study – you’ll want to find out what happens next!
  • consolidating the grammar and vocabulary you have already encountered
  • introducing you to new words and expressions

Caravaggio nei vicoli di Roma‘ (Caravaggio in the Alleyways of Rome) finds the famous artist in jail again, drunk as a lord and facing charges for throwing a plate of artichokes at a waiter…

Download the free sample chapter (.pdf) to take a look at the level of the material and see whether it’s right for you.

The .pdf file format is designed to open on just about anything – tablets, phones, computers and, of course computers – so you should have no problem viewing it.

But just to be sure, use the free sample chapter download to verify that the ebook will open on the device you intend to use it on.

Level and format fine?

Then don’t forget, this weekend only, you can get the complete version for just £5.99.

From Monday onwards, this ebook will sell for £7.99, just like the other stories in this series.

What about if this easy reader is TOO easy, or perhaps still too hard for your current level, or if the topic just doesn’t interest you that much?

Then browse our catalog, where you’ll see all of our titles, organised by language and level.

We have a wide range of ebooks for students learning Italian, but also titles in French, German, Spanish and other languages, too!

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