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New Italian easy reader: ‘Valeria, Michele e le maschere’

This week at EasyReaders.Org sees the publication of a NEW Italian easy reader: Valeria, Michele e le maschere

Easy Italian readers - Valeria, Michele e le maschere - cover image

If you’re still learning Italian, you should definitely take a look!

But if not?

Then do ‘unsubscribe’ from receiving articles like this one – you should see a link at the bottom which will do that for you.

Valeria has been single for months now. She meets men but after going out a few times they seem reluctant to commit, or even return her messages! She wonders whether the dating app, Tinder, might be worth a try?

Michele spends his Saturday evenings alone, playing computer games. If only he wasn’t so shy, he’d meet more people. And then, maybe find a girlfriend? Perhaps the solution is online…

There’s a free sample chapter (.pdf) to download, so you can check the level and format is suitable (and listen to the online audio – look for the link at the top of Chapter 1.)

From next week Valeria, Michele e le maschere will sell in our online shop for £7.99, but this first week it’s 25% less, at just £5.99.

Get it while it’s cheaper!

And if you’ve already spent your ‘learn Italian’ budget this month?

No worries!

Listen to this morning’s edition of Easy Italian News, instead.

You get eight minutes of Italian listening practice, accompanied by a simplified transcript to help you figure out what you’re hearing.

All absolutely free, with no registration, logging in, or other messing about required!

Valeria, Michele e le maschere | Free Sample Chapter (.pdf) | Easy Italian News

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