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NEW Italian, French, Spanish, German ‘Book of the Week’

What are you reading in Italian, French, Spanish or German this week?

Reading (and listening to) the language you’re studying is simply THE MOST COST-EFFECTIVE way to consolidate what you’re learning and to build the skills and knowledge that will be invaluable to you in the future.

And all the more so when your reading materials are 50% OFF the usual price, as with this week’s ‘Book of the Week’ offer!

An electrician for the municipality in a small town had dreamed of becoming an astronomer but is now happy to devote himself to his family, and especially to his young son. Then one day, the boy asks his father why there are so few stars to be seen in the night sky… Cover image: Cielo libero

  • .pdf e-book (+ audio available free online at
  • 8 chapters to read and listen to
  • Comprehension questions to check your understanding
  • Glossary of ‘difficult’ terms for the level
  • Suitable for students at A2 level and above
  • FREE sample chapter!
  • Your e-book will be emailed to you within 24 hours of your purchase

The Italian/French/Spanish/German versions of this story normally cost £7.99, and are described by one reviewer as ‘good value’.

But this week only you can get any or all of them for just £3.99 each!

Follow the links below to download the free sample chapter for the language you’re learning.

That way you can see the level and type of text BEFORE you buy it. Plus, there’s a link to the audio for the ENTIRE STORY, available free online!

Italian Version

Cielo libero, just £3.99! Buy It Now | FREE Sample Chapter

French Version

Le ciel libre, just £3.99! Buy It Now | FREE Sample Chapter

Spanish Version

Cielo estrellado, just £3.99! Buy It Now | FREE Sample Chapter

German Version

Ein klarer Himmel, just £3.99! Buy It Now | FREE Sample Chapter

Or browse the Catalogue page of our online shop, where you’ll find everything we have available for students of Italian, French, Spanish and German listed by type and in level order.

Use the ‘free sample chapter’ links there to select something appropriate for your current level.

Then get reading!!

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