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New Spanish and French easy reader titles – half price this week!

Learn French or Spanish by reading and listening to easy readers – simplified stories in the language that you are studying!

This week we’ve published two new titles in each language, and they’re half the usual price until Wednesday 16th August.

Spanish Easy Readers

Spanish easy readers - Amor en el supermercado - cover imageAmor en el supermercado‘ is an A2 level story:

Rubén is a handsome young Spanish architect with a passion for girls. That is, until the day he finds love… in a supermarket!

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Easy Spanish readers - Campo de amapolas - cover image



Campo de amapolas‘ is slightly harder at level B1, and rather longer too:

A young artist, who can’t pay his rent, offers to paint his landlord’s flat instead. But guess who the landlord’s daughter turns out to be?

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Or get our introductory Spanish easy reader, El restaurante, completely free!

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French Easy Readers

French easy readers - Des secrets et des boulettes - cover imageDes secrets et des boulettes‘ is an intermediate/upper-intemediate level easy reader, which means its chapters are longer.

Meet ‘la famille Macaron’: father, mother, son and daughter, who together run “Chez Robert”, a restaurant in a small French town. The business has been in the family for generations, and everyone pulls together to make it a success! But when the chance comes to win an important gastronomic award, the pressure starts to mount…

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Easy French readers - Un délit artificiel - cover imageUn délit artificiel‘ is also intermediate/upper-intemediate level.

Paris, mid-summer, and the temperature outside is so high that sensible people stay at home with the shutters closed and the air-conditioning at maximum. So a private detective is surprised when he receives a phone call from the son of one of the city’s great families. Will he agree to investigate the theft of a famous painting?

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And as for the Spanish, there’s one French easy reader, Le restaurant, available to download free.

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Other languages!

EasyReaders.Org also publishes ebooks for these other languages.

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