L’italiano in viaggio

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  • phrases for 23 common situations, Italian with English translations
  • glossary of key vocabulary
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There are two reasons to buy a phrase book:

1. You’re planning a trip to Italy (or are already there)

2. To study the phrases

Learning phrases in situations can make a refreshing change from studying grammar or taking a more traditional course. For beginners, it’s a way to learn some essential survival Italian as quickly as possible. For those who already know some Italian, it can be a way of expanding your vocabulary and consolidating your grammar.

Buy this book, print it out and study it! Or keep it on your tablet or computer to refer to when you expect to find yourself in one of the situations it deals with.


  • At the airport/In aeroporto
  • At the bar/Al bar
  • At the barber or hairdresser’s shop/Dal barbiere o parrucchiere
  • At the beach/In spiaggia
  • In a bookshop/In libreria
  • At the clothes shop/Al negozio di abbigliamento
  • At the dry-cleaners and tailor shop/Al lavasecco e in sartoria
  • In the food shop or at the market/Nel negozio di alimentari o al mercato
  • At the hotel/In albergo
  • In an ice-cream shop/In gelateria
  • At the internet cafe/All’internet point
  • At the pharmacist’s shop/In farmacia
  • At the police station/In questura
  • At the pub or in a club/Al pub o in un club
  • To rent a room or a flat/Per affittare una camera o un appartamento
  • At the restaurant/Al ristorante
  • At the shoe shop/Al negozio di calzature
  • In the snow/Sulla neve
  • At the station ticket window/Alla biglietteria della stazione
  • In the street/In strada
  • At the theatre ticket box/Al botteghino
  • At the tobacco shop/In tabaccheria
  • At the wellness centre and Spa/Nel centro benessere e Spa
How do I access my ebook?

When your order is ‘completed’ (allow up to 24 hours), a download link will be automatically emailed to you. It’s valid for 7 days and 3 download attempts so please save a copy of the .pdf ebook in a safe place.

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.pdf ebook

9 reviews for L’italiano in viaggio

  1. Jan De Booser (verified owner)

    This book disappointed me!

  2. Euphrasia (verified owner)

    Magari che avesso studiato questo libro di frasi prima di viaggiare in italia. Questo libro provvide frasi essenziali per comunicare bene e capire facilmente la cultura d’Italia. Con questo conoscenza si divertita`il migliore. Lo raccomando fortemente.

  3. Ann (verified owner)

    Congratulations to Lucia and Angelica for the clear presentation and choice of phrases in this e-book. The prompts and key words are useful, especially when you have not been speaking Italian for a while.

  4. Caroline Davison (verified owner)

    This useful book is great for learning how italians would ask for things politely. The only trouble is if you sound too fluent you may not understand the answers.
    It includes an enormous amount of everyday vocabulary and teaches you how to ask for exactly what you want eg Could I have a beach umbrella in the second row?
    My only slight criticism is that the sections do not appear to be numbered as in the index.
    I would definitely recommend this e-book

  5. Barry Edwards

    This is a useful book for some people, however in hindsight I would have purchased another e reader instead as a lot of the content in this book I could script myself. For those very new to Italian who want something to allow them to get by while on holiday though, this is ideal

  6. tania

    The best guide for my visit to Italy!!!
    Very helpful and understanding book and reasonable price.
    It cost’s only un cappuccino!!!

  7. Karin Beebe

    Great book! Actually has useful phrases in practical scenarios. Doesn’t keep everything is present tense. Perfect size and amount of information.

  8. John Thomson

    The reasons for studying / learning the Italian language are many and varied. from the extremes of academia to “I only want to know how to buy a loaf of bread”

    No matter the reason, communicating skills will improve no matter the teaching method(s) employed

    Communication requires “two to tango” – you communicating by speaking and writing and everyone else communicating by listening and reading

    This e-book is another tool to help on your voyage. It is not a glorified travellers’ phrase book, although it does have the advantage of helping you function when you visit Italy, I do not know the equivalent translation of “ the pen of my aunt is in the garden” not a piece of information which will be required on a regular basis. Neither is “stop! the postilion has been struck by lightning”, “two bottles of Prosecco please, not too expensive” will be much more useful.

    The book has many examples of the correct use of grammatical structures and sentence building. I commend the book.

    Imagine the scenario, you are in Bologna and want to buy 200gms of Mortadella, sliced thinly The various forms for achieving this are as follows
    1 point to the Mortadella then rely on hand gestures
    2 point and say “quella – Mortadella”
    3 ask for “due etti di quella Mortadella”
    4 finally ask for “Due etti di quella mortadella,affettato sottile per cortesia”

    As an aside we are strongly advised to not get hung up on errors, apart from an exam situation “Marco vado cinema ieri” will be understood I am sure

    In conclusion I hope Lucia turns her attention to the glue which holds sentences together – the quindi, allora purtroppo anche se ‘stuff’

    I really commend Lucia’s e-book

    John Thomson

  9. Chris

    I love all of the e-books that I’ve purchased from the Online Italian Club and this one is another winner.
    It is great to have phrases that you can use when travelling -quite often phrases that you may not regularly use and that can be easy to forget. Having phrases like these in modern Italian language helps you to be able to build the confidence to have conversations with people in Italy.
    I really recommend this useful e-book.
    Ciao Chris

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