Online Italian lessons: 5 x 30-minute lessons

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  • 5 x 30 minute Italian lessons online via Skype in your own home or office (save €€€ on the price of 5 lessons paid for separately)
  • flexible lesson scheduling, study as much or as little as you like!
  • suitable for any level from beginner to advanced
  • choose conversation, grammar, or a combination of the two!
  • experienced, friendly teachers will look after you!



If you want to learn to SPEAK Italian, you have to practise, right?

But it can be hard to find a good teacher near your home.

That’s where online Italian lessons come in. If you have a reasonably fast Internet connection, you can learn Italian online via Skype, talking to your teacher on your computer no matter where you are in the world.

The lessons are completely personalisable according to your level, needs and preferences. Choose conversation, grammar input, or a combination of the two!

So, why not give it a try? Just complete the secure online payment via Paypal and we will assign you a FRIENDLY, SUPPORTIVE, ENCOURAGING teacher who will talk to you in Italian and explain the things you don’t understand.

And after your lesson, you’ll get written feedback from your teacher: your mistakes, any new words or grammar explanations from your lesson, pronunciation notes, and so on.

Plus an MP3 RECORDING of each of your online Italian lessons, to keep and listen to as often as you want!

27 reviews for Online Italian lessons: 5 x 30-minute lessons

  1. Ann C

    Lucia (De Luca) is an excellent teacher. She carefully chose topics of interest and encouraged and gently corrected my answers. I enjoyed the lessons greatly – they were not only useful, but very good humoured and fun.
    Very happy to continue and encourage others to take online lessons – they make all the difference.

  2. Judy Atkinson

    A great way to learn and improve
    This is my second review for Skype lessons. I have just bought more lessons than usual, partly to benefit from the lower price increase (!) and partly because I want to be able to have occasional additional lessons beyond my weekly one hour lesson without running out because they are SO useful. I’ve been studying in this way since the beginning of September 2018 and have improved in confidence, fluency and the ability to apply what I’ve learnt to other contexts.

    I have recommended the lessons to others and all of those who have tried lessons are now convinced students and have recommended them to other prospective students.

  3. Mike McIntyrre (verified owner)

    Being prone to “test-itis” I was very nervous prior to the beginning of the 5 lessons I purchased. Very quickly my instructor, Lucia A., helped me to relax and I was soon having fun and could even see the humor in some my attempts — like when I was trying to say “I love walking” but couldn’t think of the word for walking and ended up saying, “Ti amo..,uh, ti amo, uh…” Now that was FUNNY and we had a good laugh (but agreed not to tell my wife!). When signing up Lucia L. asked what was my goal in learning Italian. My answer was, when I go to Italy I want to be able to talk to Italians about their everyday lives. And Lucia A. took that and focused each of our 5 sessions around speaking about everyday things in my life. For example, our final sessions was on telling her the year my children and my wife were born (I lied about my wife’s year but Lucia caught the lie; she figured if our kids were born in the 70s and 80s my wife probably wasn’t born in the 90s). She asked me to tell her everyone’s birthday and the ages of my sisters (FIVE of them – and all OLDER). This was such a helpful and practical lesson because it is exactly the kind of thing that people talk about when they are first get to know one another (it was harder than one might think but it was loads of fun). So, as you may suspect, I am very happy with my five lessons with Lucia A. and hope to be able to book more quite soon. She was so patient and clearly committed to helping me improve each lesson. And that I did. Thanks Lucia.

  4. Mario F

    I signed up to prepare for an Italian B1 Test. I was connected with an excellent teacher (Veronica M), and passed the test. Couldn’t have been happier with the service.

  5. June Marriott (verified owner)

    Mi sono davvero piaciute le lezioni con Lucia. Lei é una bravissima insegnante. Grazie. June Marriott

  6. Reg Harris (verified owner)

    Really enjoyed my lessons with Annarita (a while ago now). She was very encouraging and set me texts to read and questions to think about. She typed up a list of the sentences I should have said as we were talking and I could refer back to these later. For the period of the lessons I could tell that my conversation had improved – I must get back to it again. Keep safe.

  7. Catherine MacIntyre

    I have had several lessons now with Valeska and I my confidence in talking in Italian continues to grow. I appreciate the flexibility around the lessons. I also enjoy the variety of subjects that we can cover in one lesson. I find the Skype lessons very convenient and this will increase given the terrible situation that we find ourselves in at the moment. I will certainly continue to book lessons in the future. I send my best wishes to everyone, keep safe!

  8. Michelle (verified owner)

    My instructor was very flexible in accommodating my crazy schedule and provided helpful feedback. Knowing I had a lesson coming was incentive for me to keep up my studying and practicing.

  9. cathy.macintyre2

    Although I have been studying Italian for a number of years I am still not very confident speaking when I go to Italy. After my free trial lesson with Valeska I realised that I was able to have a conversation although I did need to practice a lot more. I signed up for the 5 lesson block and I have to say that my teacher is very patient and after each lesson she will send me an e-mail containing new words and correcting my tenses. Skype is not the easiest way to communicate but we eventually we made it work for us. Valeska has been very flexible with the lesson planning and tailors each one to meet my requirements.

  10. Lizzie Atkinson (verified owner)

    I initially signed up for one skype lesson and was terrified. However Angela is so friendly and made me feel at ease, despite my very stuttering attempts at speaking Italian. In fact I enjoyed it so much that I signed up for further lessons and it has given me much needed confidence and regular practice. I now feel that I am able to get my point across and be understood – even though the grammar and pronunciation are far from perfect! We chat generally about what is happening and Angela will ask me to prepare a short text for the next lesson or I will practice reading aloud. She corrects my Italian very gently and we spend a lot of time laughing!

  11. Geoff Darroch

    I was very happy with the results achieved in my on line Skype Italian lessons. My teacher (Irene) was easy to work with and helped me when needed. I will be ordering more lessons when the “July specials” commence!

  12. Pamela McAuliffe (verified owner)

    I have been studying for a little while but I haven’t had much experience speaking and listening in conversation so these skype lessons were a big jump into the unknown. My Italian teacher, Gilda was very patient and helpful. She wrote up notes after each class and provided an audio file of the class as well. After the five lessons I felt much more confident to have conversations in Italian.
    I am going to do another batch of lessons – they are great value especially when they are on sale!!

  13. Vinita (verified owner)

    My lessons with Michela make me feel like I am in Italy and having a conversation with someone I have gotten to know. On my visit to Italy previously even though I had been studying for a while, I realised it was difficult to actually manoeuvre daily life tasks in ItaliaI was studying then too. This made me realise that speaking lessons is imperative. We have a great balance of speaking and explanations of grammar rules if necessary and progress. Language goals being achieved effortlessly. Thank you!

  14. Diana Smythe (verified owner)

    I had my first lesson yesterday with Francesca, after some difficulty getting used to Skype. Well, it was a terrific experience and I am so pleased that I have four more to come. I’m sure that my listening and conversation skills will improve. Francesca has been so patient and is thoroughly professional yet warm and encouraging so thank you ( grazie mille!)

  15. Angela

    Like others I was a bit unsure of how I would manage on-line Skype lessons and like others I wish I had started sooner! I have had two so far and already feel more confident at having a go at general conversation which is not guided by the next topic in the language text book. Gilda my tutor is very approachable and helpful, noting down all the learning points which I then receive by e-mail as well as a recording of our conversation, (lots of um’s and er’s from me at the moment!). So far I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience and would recommend it.

  16. Geoff Darroch (verified owner)

    I am very happy that I chose to go for the Skype on-line lessons. I’m using them purely for conversation practice and find they are increasing my competence in speach as well as the “instantanious comprehension” required when holding a conversation in Italian. I’ve had 2 teachers & they were both courteous, competant, helpful & friendly.

  17. Tammie Tucker

    I have been taking lessons with Francesca and Lucia for a couple of weeks now and I absolutely love working with both of them. They are both truly wonderful and fun to work with!!!!!! I just know that my Italian will pick up rapidly with their help and patience. I am truly grateful for both of these truly magnificent ladies!!!!

  18. Beatrice

    My classes with Maria Chiara have been so nice! She’s very personal in her method and flexible in her time. She really listens and tries to help you in the way you like and what could benefit you. She’s always up to find more information for you and is a kind and helpful person. Recommended!

  19. MJ Sawyer

    I had my first Skype lesson with Diego about a year ago. I was immediately hooked! Diego is a gifted teacher. He is wise and patient. My intention has been to improve my conversational skills. I now feel far more comfortable speaking and I no longer panic when people speak to me in Italian (as I did in the past). The topics of conversation have been interesting and often great fun. I am so very grateful for my lessons with Diego. And, I honestly couldn’t be happier with all that the Italian Club provides.

  20. Nancy Dunbar

    I love my skype lessons with Augusto! One of my goals has been to get more comfortable listening to spoken Italian and understanding it even when I don’t know all the words. A weekly conversation with Augusto has helped me quite a lot. There’s still plenty I don’t understand but I don’t immediately tense up when there’s something I don’t understand. Second, Augusto prepares a lesson for me each week and sends it early enough that I have time to work on it over several days. Whether it’s reading or writing or figuring out a grammar problem, the lessons give me a way to keep learning Italian.

  21. Sue Cotton

    I took advantage of the free online lesson. I was very nervous but my allocated teacher, Annarita, was very patient and encouraging. After this freebie I decided to book a course of 5 lessons as it was clear that my oral skills were not great. I have just had my second lesson and feel more comfortable speaking the language. I’m now actually looking forward to the next one. I can’t recommend the one to one lessons enough, especially if you have been learning where speaking and thinking for yourself is limited.


  22. George Woodworth

    I have just finished my last of the 5 lessons with Paolo. I am pleased to say the lessons went well. I am happy with the way Paolo teaches. I am sure in the future I will make a lot of progress with him. After the new year I will be ordering more lessons. Paolo has said he would be happy to continue teaching me, so that’s great. In the main its been questions and answers session at my request. I know lots of words and structure,but I am like a lot of people who just lack the confidence to put it all together in case we make mistakes. I am hoping that sometime in the next year, I will be able to pick up the phone and have a good conversation in Italian with my cousins in Italy without them having to fill in the spaces.


  23. Eva Hayward

    I was very happy with my Skype lessions and learnt a lot from my teacher Stefania. I also liked the exercises she sent on as homework. If time permits, I will definitely have more lessions in the future.


  24. Anne

    This was the first time I had used skype. It worked well. Giovanni was an excellent and patient teacher. He would correct me when I spoke and as this was all recorded I could re listen over again noting the mistakes I was making. Will do another some time soon.


  25. barry hoffner

    Lucia is a great teacher and this is a great service…I received a lesson very tailored to my level and also both corrections of mistakes I made and an audio of the lesson. It was a very effective lesson with an excellent teacher. I highly recommend!


  26. Mary Wilson

    I’m finding the online lessons really useful and motivating. My teacher is setting me homework and then explaining my mistakes both in speaking and writing tasks. So I feel I must work hard not to repeat the same mistakes the next time round! (No more sitting quietly at the back of the class, hoping not to be noticed!) I’m also beginning to feel more confident because my teacher is very encouraging and seems to understand my spoken Italian. Its the first time I’ve used Skype and although its not the same as being in the classroom, I’m very pleased with the way it is working for me.


  27. Karen Drage

    The idea of a skype lesson was very nerve racking. Although I tested my skype with family, at first we had issues with skype video not allowing the chat dialogue box. By installing an older version we got the message box but not the video. This was a skype problem not a lesson problem. In fact it turned out to be a positive because I have always panicked taking or making phone calls unless they are really simple, like booking a hotel or restaurant. Ok back to the lessons, my teacher was incredibly patient and had a good sense of humour. We decided to run with no video and although I was very nervous, my teacher was great. New words were put on the chat board, and pre prepared homework was discussed. We went for a combination of conversation and grammar points. I still panic about pregnant silences and we had a nice little bit around fillers for these tricky moments. If I was rich I would do this all the time. It made my efforts at italian more real than just working through all the essential grammar exercises and demonstrated where I need to focus some of my background homework, for example I tend to use past perfect all the time and rarely use the imperfect. I use verb persons by need to get by eg 1st person sing, 2nd sing, very rarely 3rd person plural. The lessons are great. In fact as a result I have recently taken four calls in Italy from numbers unknown and have managed without panic. Thank you


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