Online Italian lessons:10 x 30-minute lessons

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  • 10 x 30 minute online Italian lessons via Skype in your own home or office (save €€€ on the price of 10 lessons paid for separately)
  • flexible lesson scheduling, study as much or as little as you like!
  • suitable for any level from beginner to advanced
  • choose conversation, grammar, or a combination of the two!
  • experienced, friendly teachers will look after you!



If you want to learn to SPEAK Italian, you have to practise, right?

But it can be hard to find a good teacher near your home.

That’s where online Italian lessons come in. If you have a reasonably fast Internet connection, you can learn Italian online, via Skype, talking to your teacher on your computer no matter where you are in the world.

The lessons are completely personalisable according to your level, needs and preferences. Choose conversation, grammar input, or a combination of the two!

So, why not give it a try? Just complete the secure online payment via Paypal and we will assign you a FRIENDLY, SUPPORTIVE, ENCOURAGING teacher who will talk to you in Italian and explain the things you don’t understand.

And after your lesson, you’ll get written feedback from your teacher: your mistakes, any new words or grammar explanations from your lesson, pronunciation notes, and so on.

Plus an MP3 RECORDING of each of your online Italian lessons, to keep and listen to as often as you want!

95 reviews for Online Italian lessons:10 x 30-minute lessons

  1. Lorna

    I really enjoyed my online lessons with Francesca and will definitely get some more after the holidays. She is a wonderful teacher, so patient, kind and encouraging. She is really well organised and sent me an article or little video in advance so that we could talk about it at our next lesson. We always had an enjoyable conversation together, not a grammar lesson, so although she would help me when I was struggling for the word and type up what I was trying to say, it felt like a real conversation. My confidence has really improved, although when I listen to the mp3 recordings of our conversation, I cringe at my accent! I can’t begin to put into words about how much she has helped me. So much better than the other classes I go to.

  2. Rita (verified owner)

    I look forward to my weekly lessons with Giovanni. An excellent Italian teacher who is also a writer, Giovanni plans our Skype lessons around my goals of improving conversational ability and vocabulary. During these lessons, he and I talk about different interests such as Italian cinema and music while he carefully introduces new vocabulary. When necessary, he corrects my grammar, giving me clear explanations and examples. Giovanni follows each lesson with written feedback and helpful grammar exercises.
    Although I had previously taken several Italian courses before studying with Giovanni, I was not able to hold a real conversation. Thanks to him, I am now able to express myself more fluently as we discuss a wide range of subjects in Italian.

  3. Simeon Underwood (verified owner)

    I have now done four sets of lessons with three different teachers. It has been invaluable. The teachers have all been friendly, patient, encouraging and very helpful in practical ways. With Lucia, my current teacher, we have been talking about Sicily and Sicilian culture: and she has sent me a wide range of links, e.g. to You Tube items, articles on the web and so on. At the same time she keeps a close eye on grammar and pronunciation. These lessons seem to me to be both excellent in their own right and excellent as value for money. And, thanks to another Lucia, the organisation is painless and user-friendly.

  4. Seona Owtram (verified owner)

    Francesca is my teacher. I find her charming, very positive and helpful. I like her and she is extremely competent and organised. She is a very good teacher indeed. I have asked her to give me tasks between our sessions which she does and they are really interesting and enjoyable. I can really recommend this as a way to practice speaking the language and I can particularly recommend Franci as your teacher.

  5. Michal Evans

    I’ve only had five lessons so far but have enjoyed them all. The opportunity to speak Italian on a 1-1 basis is wonderful, much more effective than in a class . Barbara is incredibly patient, talks at a pace I can manage so that I get the best out of it and waits for me to explain what I want to say. At my request , she has sent me exercises to consolidate various aspects of grammar which have been very useful and we correct them together in the lesson after she has had a look at them.Conversations have been quite wide ranging – the weather , Italian news items , local issues, litterature and authors, anything relevant to either of us.
    I only wish I’d started these lessons sooner! As it is I’m now going to book some more.

  6. Myra Smart (verified owner)

    My teacher, Alessandra, is excellent; patient, reliable, organised, interesting, and with a good sense of humour. She makes my lessons enjoyable rather than daunting, and it is great to be able to attempt conversational Italian without feeling embarrassed. It is also very convenient to be able to Skype at a convenient time in my own home, rather than travelling to a class. I would definitely recommend this method of learning/improving Italian.

  7. Anita Cummings (verified owner)

    I studied Italian on my own for a number of years, then had a break for about 5 years. So it was with some trepidation that I booked some on-line lessons. I am really pleased that I took that step! I have had seven lessons with Manuela and thanks to her patience and encouragement, I am feeling a lot more confident with speaking and listening. She keeps the conversation flowing by asking questions, thus making me talk and at the same time corrects my grammar. I find the video and summary of the lessons very useful and of course, there is the homework! I am always amazed at how quickly the time flies and always look forward to the next lesson. I can highly recommend Manuela – she is fun, encouraging and very patient!

  8. Dick (verified owner)

    It’s not my teacher Giovanna’s fault that I’m still fairly hesitant when trying to speak Italian. I go to a class too, which takes pretty much all day with the travelling. Skype is not always reliable but it works pretty well most of the time. I’m still hoping that if I keep pegging away I will be able to talk to the odd Italian on holiday without them replying in English! Oh – and if I’m supposed to be reviewing the teacher here – she’s great!

  9. Valerie Sculli (verified owner)

    Marcella is a very patient and understanding teacher. She knows exactly what I need to understand and speak italian. She is a very experienced and qualified teacher. My italian has progressed immensely since I started skype lessons. She has all the answers to my many questions with great explanations. She is reliable and always on time for our lessons.

  10. Sharon Williams (verified owner)

    My husband and I are loving our lessons with Alessandra. She is encouraging and patient. She has a good plan for each lesson, based on our respective abilities, and we both enjoy listening to the other’s lesson. Having the Skype chat, with all Ale’s corrections, to review visually and listen to afterwards is great. Our Skype connection occasionally lets us down, but then it’s fine with just sound. Both making good progress!

  11. Trish Rantos (verified owner)

    My Online Italian teacher is Annarita. We have been doing Skype lessons for over a year. She is extremely patient and an excellent teacher. Lately, we have been just chatting about what is going on in either her part of the world or mine. I find it extremely helpful to have someone to converse with in Italian. Annarita is great about helping me with sentence structure and grammar. I have a long list of study material in Skype chats.

  12. Charlie Vitale (verified owner)

    My teacher, Giovanna, is not only a friendly and understanding teacher, but a really good match in a one on one approach in learning to speak Italian. I am old enough that it is great to match up with someone having the patience to make me feel encouraged to actually practice speaking while continuing my personal study of the language, and though I’ve studied on my own for several years, I have never before engaged someone with whom I can practice speaking the language I am learning. I am more than pleased that she has become my teaching partner.

  13. Roger Adams (verified owner)

    I have had conversation lessons with Giovanna for a while now. She is a very interesting person with whom to converse. We cover a wide range of topics which of course increases my word knowledge. She matches her speed of speaking to my speed of hearing admirably and helps me with grammatical points.
    All in all she is first rate in my opinion and adds to my enjoyment of learning considerably.

  14. Lynette (verified owner)

    Like others I too was apprehensive about taking Skype lessons so booked a free trial lesson to see if I liked the concept. I love my Skype lessons with Chiara and look forward to them every 2 weeks.
    I am studying grammar with a local teacher and alternate with Skype lessons for conversation purposes. This is great because we don’t pre-plan the conversation therefore it is like day to day conversation with someone you meet up with.
    Each lesson is followed up with a recording of the lesson and a list of words I faltered on.
    I would highly recommend Skype lessons – take a trial lesson first and you’ll discover that there’s nothing to be afraid of regardless of your level.

  15. Gill (verified owner)

    I have had a group of 10 lessons with Barbara (my third Skype teacher from imparareonline) and have once again really enjoyed my lessons. On a recent visit to Italy I found it so much easier to communicate and this is thanks to Barbara’s help – we had fun and interesting conversations and she managed to make sense of what I was saying even when I used whatever verb conjugation came into my head first! The more speaking practice the better and I found this was a great way to fit extra Italian into my week

  16. Mike Jolly (verified owner)

    I started online lessons a year ago. There have been gaps due to holiday etc but fairly consistent at about 3 time a month. Irene from Rome has been great to talk and listen to. Usually we just talk about what we have done and future plans.
    She has sent links for videos and worksheets on specific points of grammar that I have asked about (pronominal verbs remain a work in progress) but mostly it is just a 30 min chat with a friend.
    I must say that being in Italy as I write this my level of comprehension and ability to speak has improved dramatically so many thanks Irene.
    I can understand anyone being nervous about starting on- line lessons. It is just you and a teacher! Remember though this is how they make their living and they only want to help plus the only way to get better at speaking Italian is to speak it.

  17. Linda Weinberger (verified owner)

    I look forward to my weekly lesson with Lucia! Although I’ve studied Italian on and off for a number of years, the weekly short conversations continue to bolster my confidence . I feel ready to return to Italy, open my mouth, and let the Italian flow forth. I especially like the notes I receive after each lesson. Lucia recounts often word-for-word what our conversation has been, and I can review vocabulary and syntax. I would highly recommend Online Italian to anyone who wants to improve their language skills in a friendly, supportive atmosphere.

  18. Raymond Dragonetti (verified owner)

    This year, Giovanna has helped me, in Italian, to develop my interest in Italian history and also with politics, both past and present. We have also covered current Italian music and looked at each of the regions that I am interested in. We’ve also been looking at different Italian magazines and which caters for what. She is very patient and finds just the right balance between letting me flow and keeping my grammar in check!

    For me, the key point is that the online lessons have helped me to tailor the language learning with the aspects of the culture that interest me. I find the lessons fun, which obviously makes learning much easier.

  19. Yvonne (verified owner)

    Thank you, Alessandra, for your patience and good humour, and for sharing your knowledge of Italian language and culture with me. One day …
    Skype is a very straightforward and efficient means of communication. What did the world do without it? Who would have thought, in my younger days, that you would have been able to learn Italian from an Italian in Italy – or somewhere else – sitting at home in the north of Queensland. All organized from Bologna.
    Congratulations to the organizers.

  20. Rob Dix (verified owner)

    I’ve had 2 batches of lessons now with Lucia and have felt that I am making progress, beginning to string more sentences together and growing in confidence. I would recommend staying with the same teacher a while to build a rapport. Lucia is very patient and explains words slowly if necessary . I look forward to resuming our conversations with more to talk about after 2 months in Italy!

  21. Michelle Howes (verified owner)

    I have been studying with Barbara Bassi for a while now and really enjoy our conversations each week. She is a true professional, is always happy to see me and patiently corrects my many mistakes. Lessons with Barbara have given me a lot more confidence and helped me make the leap from grammar study to actually speaking with a real person. Learning via Skype is easy, very cost effective and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to really learn to speak italian. Of course, its a little bit nerve racking to start with but once you get to know your teacher you will find its a lot of fun.

  22. Elaine Goldsmith (verified owner)

    I have enjoyed my lessons with Lucia. We mostly do conversation which is a struggle for me but she is patient and it’s the best way because I have to practice relying on what I know. I still cheat and use google translate but I’m getting better. I need to practice reading and listening to the language more. I do remember more vocabulary than I did so I guess any improvement is good.

  23. Harvey Brehaut

    I’ve done several blocks of 10 lessons and have benefited a lot. I have had three different teachers and they are all very good. My current teacher is Manuela from Genova. Right now I am taking a break from lessons as I am sitting in 35 degree Celsius heat in Sardegna practicing my Italian.

  24. Leslie Ross (verified owner)

    I have been very satisfied with my lessons with Lucia. I have been taking them since last October and I feel (hopefully Lucia shares my feeling!) that my Italian has improved immensely. We usually have a small conversation first and then the lesson. (Sadly, I have learned that my life is sort of boring!) I usually have some amount of homework that I send to Lucia that she corrects and returns to me. . It was the best decision I have made in my journey to learn Italian and I should have done it sooner than I did. It has really focused my attention on my goal. Thank you Madrelingua and grazie mille a Lucia!

  25. Charles Vickers (verified owner)

    Io sono andato alle lezioni di Italiano nel mio centro di educazione degli adulti locale. Ma non ho fatto molti progressi.
    Ho avuto lezioni con Alessandra per circa un anno. Mi piacciono le lezioni e il feedback e i compiti mi consentono di lavorare sulle problemi che Alessandra identifica.
    Sono più confidente e sto imparando più di quello che ho fatto quando sono andato a scuola

  26. Wendy (verified owner)

    Irene è molto gentile e bene organizzata. Mi piaccanno le nostre lezione. Mi da qualche volta un video da guardare ma normalmente chiacchieriamo su un po’ di tutto.

  27. Jo (verified owner)

    Ciao a tutti!! Faccio le lezioni settimanali su Skype con Michela da più di due anni ormai. Lei è sempre bravissima, gentile e molto carina. Un anno fa mi sono trasferita qui in Italia da Australia. Non è stato facile per niente all’inizio e senza Michela e le nostre lezioni, non so veramente come ci avrei riuscita. Michela mi ha aiutato in tantissimi modi, non solo per le conversazioni quotidiane, ma anche per le cose pratiche che si deve fare nella vita quotidiana che normalmente sarebbero molto facile da fare a casa, ma qui in Italia a volte le cose sono così diverse. Ad esempio, abbiamo parlato ultimamente dei vari tipi di scopi (o stracci) e Michela mi ha fatto capire il modo migliore per lavare un pavimento fatto di terracotta. Inoltre una volta mi ha consigliato di utilizzare aceto per eliminare il calcare del lavandino in cucina. Funziona benissimo anche senza i chimici. Io non avevo mai visto questo problema con il calcare. Insomma lei è stata gentilissima davvero. Sono molto grata a lei, a Daniel ed a tutti i personali della scuola Madrelingua. Buon studio e vi mando un abbraccione!! : )

  28. Tom (verified owner)

    Ho comprato quindici lezione con Marcella. Erano molto utile e divertente. Marcella e’ un insegnante molto brava e anche molto amicevole. Grazie mille!

  29. Danny Buckley (verified owner)

    I’ve been lucky enough to have had Chiara as my teacher for the last few months and I have to say she is an exceptional teacher. Not only is she good at her job but she makes the lessons fun and entertaining and is incredibly generous with her time. I count myself as being very fortunate to have her as my teacher.

  30. Tammie (verified owner)

    I am a total beginner in Italian and decided to accept the free offer of a trial lesson with Francesca and I absolutely LOVE working with her as she has taught me so much and she is extremely patient, pleasant and encouraging. I feel totally comfortable with her. I then received an offer to possibly work with another tutor as well and so I have also begun working with her as well and absolutely enjoy all our lessons. Lucia also is extremely wonderful to work with and I look forward to working with both of these fantastic ladies for as long as they will work with me. They have made me so much more motivated to learn the Italian. I appreciate them so much!!!!!!

  31. Kay Foley

    I have been having Online Italian sessions with Manuela now for a few weeks. Manuela is so patient and encouraging. I definitely feel more confident and will more than likely be booking more lessons to improve my Italian. The home work assignments have been very helpful and I appreciate Manuela’s feed back. I can’t speak highly enough of Manuela.

  32. Karen (verified owner)

    The online lessons are so important to help with conversational skills. I am so happy to have my teacher, Lorenzo. He has really impressed me with his teaching skills, and knowledge of italian grammar, as well as his english fluency. He is also extremely personable and friendly. He has used a variety of teaching methods when we Skype, sometimes we just have a conversation about what’s going on in our lives, other times he uses a text or something he typed up himself to teach a certain topic, and he has also given me assignments such as italian videos with questions to answer after viewing/ listening to it. I know these Italian lessons are improving my ability to converse in Italian.

  33. edward.miles (verified owner)

    Online italian lessons?
    I was doing an evening class,two hours a week at my local University. I was lost. Stuck. Not that the class was bad, there were only seven of us in it but most of the time I had no idea what was going on.
    So near the end of the second and last term I ….. with great trepidation, took up Danial’s offer of a free lesson and later signed up for more. Certainly the first lessons were not easy but after a short while I did feel like I was moving forward. Now I am beginning to feel confident, although I’m aware there is a lot to learn. Knowing what I know now. I would start with some on line lessons and when something local comes along sign up for that as well.

  34. Jeanne Talbot (verified owner)

    Although I had studied Italian off and on for years, I was still a little nervous trying the first free Skype lesson. Giovanna was so pleasant and interesting, I immediately fell into talking with her and was amazed how quickly the half-hour flew by.

    Since then I’ve bought two of the 10-pack lezioni, and I’ve had four lessons. In the initial free lesson, Giovanna had asked me about my interests and travels, and she had designed a 10-lesson program designed around my interests and grammar needs. Topics include: my past trip to Hawaii & my future trip to Spain (studying il passato e il futuro), the Italian Renaissance, and Sardegna. Giovanna is very organized and sends me the appropriate materials to review and study before my lesson each week.

    Speaking and listening with my teacher each week is really helping me remember much of the Italian I’d lost. Also, in these one-on-one conversations, Giovanna is able to gently correct me, something which is difficult for a teacher in a classroom to do for every student. I look forward to my Skype lessons and will definitely continue these.

  35. Fiona (verified owner)

    I’ve finished my second online Italian lesson with Benedetta and would throughly recommend it. Being new to Skype was a bit daunting but after my free lesson I felt ready to go and booked up ten! My teacher is fun and gives you the opportunity to do grammar (lots of materials supplied) but the emphasis on speaking and listening which for me is perfect.
    Oh and thankyou Lucia for being so patient ( she had signed me up for my free trial lesson which I had to rechedule when I realised I understood niente about Skype. Grazie Lucia.

  36. Marlaine (verified owner)

    As others have said, I have worked on Italian on and off for years. Sometimes making progress but then losing it from misuse. I have had 8 lessons with Chiara G now and feel I am making progress. She makes it fun, she is never in a rush and never at a loss for things to talk about even at my level. I also like how she will take the time to let me think something through and provide some hints which help me remember all the better. She can answer grammar questions in a very straight forward method that makes sense. I will write up paragraphs, eg about my day, and send them to her to check, which she happily does. I highly recommend on-line lessons and Chiara G. I buy them during the spring and fall sale and they are very competitively priced.

  37. Matt (verified owner)

    These lessons are great.
    My tutor Francesca is friendly and very patient. She works with me to practice the things I feel I need to improve on but it hardly feels like a boring lesson.
    The time flies and I am always looking forward to the next one.

  38. Roger Adams (verified owner)

    I am now well into my second series of lessons with Giovanna. Although I have been learning Italian for a while I never feel confident speaking or listening to Italian at my level (lower intermediate), especially the listening bit!
    Giovanna is very understanding of this and gently corrects my mistakes whilst talking at a pace which gives me reasonable chance of keeping up with what she is saying. She is also very good at bringing up different topics from week to week to stretch my knowledge of Italian and also of responding to things I would particularly like to know about (currently we have just started on the use of “da”).
    I very much look forward to these lessons and have slowly started to feel a bit more confident. For me this is a very worthwhile thing to do.

  39. Helen (verified owner)

    Having plucked up the courage to have my first free online Italian lesson before Christmas, I’ve since gone on to book 2 lots of 10 half hour lessons taking advantage of discounts offered. I had my fifth lesson today with Francesca. She is patient, calm and all you need a teacher to be. I would definitely recommend these lessons and this way of learning to anyone.

  40. Bjarne Tveiten (verified owner)

    I´m into my third batch of 10 online lessons now. The first batch was mainly grammar which I badly needed then. Beginning with the second batch I expressed to Angelica the desire to have more speaking training and she immediately tuned her teaching into conversation. It has been amazing to see what topics we have discussed, from weather and skiing conditions in Norway to the difference between Protestants and Catholics to the do UFO´s exist and what do you think of Trump. I make a lot of speaking errors (which she gently corrects) but I can actually manage to explain many more things than I originally thought.
    So now, in my third batch of 10 lessons we are over to a mix of conversation and grammar which is good for me just now. Angelica has been kind enough to correct a page of text from me each week which forces me to do homework! I will continue.

  41. Lucinda

    My mother and I have been learning Italian for a while and have just started conversation lessons with Lucia. We were dreading it but Lucia is very easy to speak to and has really helped us so far. Her accent is nice and easy to understand and I’m sure that we will improve week by week. Highly recommended!

  42. Raymond Dragonetti (verified owner)

    I have been having Skype lessons weekly with Giovanna for over a year and would unreservedly recommend them. The lessons have been fun such that I have been focused on the subject rather than get too tied up in the grammar, which helped me stop being self conscious, though we still do grammar work in between to keep me on the straight and narrow! Giovanna has steered me towards topics that really interest me, which means that I look forward to the lessons and since my homework is on my interests (Italian politics and history), it’s no hardship spending the time on it.

  43. Hannah Rawlinson (verified owner)

    Francesca is a great teacher. She finds interesting things to talk about, challenging me to find the right words and tenses, picking up on errors that I make and helping me to straighten out the grammar that I need to express myself properly. She is happy to give the lesson very early in the morning. She sends me an exercise to work on during the week which helps prepare for the lesson and widens my vocabulary. Definitely worth the cost.

  44. vrsculli1 (verified owner)

    January 29, 2019
    I cannot emphasise enough the importance of Online lessons. After self study with the onlineitalianclub and other resourses I could not have a conversation in Italian with anyone, just a few words here and there. Then in November 2017, I booked my first 10 lessons with Annarita.
    I was very nervous not knowing what to expect and Skype seemed more scary than having lessons in Italian.
    I found Annarita to be a great caring teacher who taught me a lot and after about 6 months I thought I would try another teacher which Lucia said could be a good option.
    I then had lessons with Arianna. Another great teacher I became more friends with. By now I was beginning to converse (badly) but at a stage where Arianna told me that when I go to Italy (which I did) anyone would be able to understand me even though my grammar was soooo bad. That brought out another problem. I could make myself understood but I didn’t have a clue what was being said to me.
    Unfortunately Arianna had to give up teaching for the club but she assured me that with the suggestions of Lucia, they would find me a teacher for my level.
    They did!!! I now have lessons with Marcella. She speaks to me in Italian NOT ENGLISH and when I don’t understand she will try 3 to 4 different ways to say the same thing so I eventually do understand. We talk a lot in Italian (my grammar is still sooo bad) but she gives me homework to help me which I always complete.
    So, after 14 months of Online lessons I am progressing to levels I never thought I would get to.
    I now have the confidence to speak to my husbands cousins in Italy on Skype.
    The teachers I have had are highly qualified with patience and understanding.
    I cannot recommend these lessons enough.

  45. Derek Hook (verified owner)

    Recently started with Benedetta. Wonderful teacher. Best thing is we have fun and laugh at lot!
    We talk about many subjects. Helps me to learn how to relate my many complex life stories.
    Difficult for an introvert! Planning to continue much much longer!

  46. Jane Henderson (verified owner)

    It was a great decision to start lessons via Skype. Giovanna is friendly, encouraging and very patient. She cleverly introduces interesting topics to keep my brain engaged and her feedback is really helpful. The convenience of a regular lesson with a skilled professional teacher has made the whole experience rewarding and enjoyable.

  47. Ben Smith

    Conversation class via Skype is absolutely the way to improve your level dramatically. I have done online courses for several years but really only progressed very slowly. However 6 months of weekly Italian conversation with Giovanna has brought me much confidence, enjoyment and a definite improvement in both understanding and crucially being able to communicate. I also listen to many news podcasts in Italian to expand my understanding.

  48. Jan Adams (verified owner)

    I have been learning Italian with Lucia over the past few weeks and I am enjoying the interaction with her. She is friendly, competent and patient with me and I am relaxing into the Italian language. At 65, my aging brain is being stretched like never before and I hope that in my next visit to Italy, I will be able to understand and be understood in Italian.

  49. sgerardy69 (verified owner)

    I had been working on Italian on my own on and off for 8 years without a ton of progress. Part of the problem was that I was only accountable to myself and I had to MAKE time in my busy schedule to get it done. Almost a year ago, I bit the bullet and tried a free lesson with Giovanna and I was hooked. She was engaging and funny, motivating and spoke slowly enough in Italian that I could understand almost everything she said from the very beginning. She is amazingly patient, but holds me to homework. She has presented verb conjugations, foods, places, vocabulary review, etc. in a very organized, but flexible manner. Flash forward a year and we have covered so much information! The best thing is having a native speaker that can explain complex Italian grammar and clear up confusion in Italian AND English.
    Although still far from fluent, I have made so much progress I feel like I will be able to hold basic conversations with native speakers without too much trouble. I anticipate that in the next year, my listening comprehension and ability to converse will only get stronger. I definitely could not have made this much progress without Giovanna and it is worth every penny I spend on lessons. My favorite thing is when I get a complicated sentence right with verb conjugation, the correct pronouns and articles and she glows with pride saying “Bravo, Scott!” That’s when I KNOW I’m doing well.

  50. Chris (verified owner)

    Now into my second set of 30 minute lessons. Always enjoyable and informative. My teacher could not be more helpful and encouraging., and always happy to structure the lessons to my requirements .

  51. Tatyana (verified owner)

    Before taking Skype lessons, I’ve studied Italian for two and a half years (once a week, small group classes). Even though my overall comprehension has improved, my ability to conduct a conversation (chiacchierare) remained rudimentary, as most of conversations in class happen with my fellow students, whose ability to conduct a conversation was no better than mine. After I started with my Skype lessons, I noticed that I can chat in Italian, it became much easier. I make a lot of mistakes, but I’m being understood and I can express myself. My teacher – Chiara – is a lot of fun and she is very encouraging. If learning Italian is your thing, if this is something you are serious about… or may be not that serious, but passionate enough and want to continue to improve your language , these lessons are a great resource and a good investment.

  52. jan (verified owner)

    I wasn’t brave enough for a long time, but started on-line lessons with Chiara in November 18. I wish I hadn’t dithered, because I enjoy being with Chiara enormously. Although I am on the ‘bottom rung’ as it were, Chiara is infinitely patient and so encouraging when I stumble (which is all the time). When I feel that learning Italian is impossible, she fills me with confidence. Learning a new language is difficult, but Chiara makes it such fun. I cannot recommend this way of learning highly enough. Lucia Lecce too is such an efficient organiser, and Daniel – a wonderful motivator. To anyone who is hesitating re on-line lessons – give it a try: you have nothing to lose and so much to enjoy.

  53. Danny Buckley (verified owner)

    I started lessons in July and I have to say how impressed I’ve been with Arianna. She immediately made me feel relaxed and comfortable in trying to have a conversation for the first time in Italian. Her patience and good humour have helped me enjoy the lessons more each week. Thank you Arianna.

  54. Judy (verified owner)

    I followed Club advice to use the sessions for conversation practice rather than grammar input and although it’s early days I’m really enjoying my Skype sessions. My tutor, Alessandra, is very friendly, engaging and encouraging. The facility to push key words and expressions to me on screen is extremely useful as there’s no great need to take notes and I can concentrate on what’s being said. It’s very helpful that there is a recording available for a while afterwards so that I can review and hopefully learn from my mistakes between sessions. I also really appreciate the written feedback each time. I’ve been surprised how quickly my 30 minutes flies by!

  55. Beatrice

    My classes with Maria Chiara have been so nice! She’s very personal in her method and flexible in her time. She really listens and tries to help you in the way you like and what could benefit you. She’s always up to find more information for you and is a kind and helpful person. Recommended!

  56. Caterina (verified owner)

    I have had online lessons with Annarita for almost a year now. As an advanced student of Italian it is difficult to find native speakers, who have knowledge of grammar, with which to have conversations in Italian, here, in the United States. The online lessons over Skype are really convenient and work with little disruption. Skype allows one to see written comments and corrections and links to website while we are speaking and then stores those comments so that one can look back over them anytime. Annarita is an excellent teacher, she is very easy to talk with and answers all of my advanced questions with great knowledge of the grammar and my Italian has really improved. She is pleasant and patient and the lessons are enjoyable. Also, the cost of the lessons are very reasonable. Don’t miss this opportunity !

  57. Karen (verified owner)

    I have been enjoying my Skype lessons for some time and although I do feel very self conscious and slightly un natural on Skype, it is the next best thing to face to face conversations. I am anxious to reduce my English accent and so in my lessons with Paolo we focussed on pronunciation , cadence, rhythm etc which we did with some conversation and reading out loud from texts. It helped my highlight some of the “Englishness” of which I was unaware.. At the moment I am using my lessons with Michela for conversation practice, as I don’t have many opportunities for “normal” conversation. This is much more useful than my conversations in class with other English students, which feel rather artificial. Michela has sent me useful links to short films, articles, and a song lyric site for pronunciation and listening skills. Both these teachers are very skilled, personable and interesting. They have enhanced my learning a great deal

  58. Chris

    I’ve been living in Italy for 12 years and have self taught to a reasonable level – which means I can comunicate, be understood and understand. It also means I have picked up some pretty ugly habits and grammar!! I have been allocated Chiara as my teacher and am really pleased with her style, personality, humour and professionalism. I am very lazy in so far as I don’t push myself hard to learn rafts of new vocabulary or practice new tenses or do exhausting grammar workouts – Chiara treats me as an individual and goes with my individual needs and at the end of each 30 minute session I come away feeling motivated and refreshed.

    I think the 10 lesson programme of Skype lessons represent a good vehicle for personalised development and also represent very good value for money.

    Go for it!

  59. Linda Allen

    Having attended Italian classes for some years, I recently enrolled in on-line lessons with Annarita. I was slightly apprehensive at first (mostly about communicating by means of SKYPE!), but am now really enjoying the opportunity to speak on a one to one basis in Italian each week. Annarita is happy to make suggestions about the content of the lessons, or to discuss whatever I would like and the half an hour whizzes by. I enjoy the flexibility of being able to choose exactly when I would like a lesson and it is great that no time is wasted in travelling. Annarita is very friendly and approachable and I would now certainly recommend this method of learning.

  60. Caroiine Davison

    I was very nervous about taking online lessons and having to learn Skype but I am going through an adventurous phase at the moment so I went ahead. I found that listening to a CD and trying to hold a conversation are two very different things. Chiara is very patient and tailors the lesson to my needs which are near beginner level for speaking. To start with there were lots of “Non capisco”s and over the 6 or so lessons I have had, there has been a big improvement in my listening skills and some in my spoken Italian. I think having online lessons is the best way for me to improve. It is a flexible and convenient method. I am sent homework shortly before the next session and afterwards I receive a recording of the session which is very helpful. I would definitely recommend online lessons.

  61. Jane (verified owner)

    I am now undertaking my third series of ten lessons with Chiara. I am an Australian teacher specialising in second language acquisition and I was so pleased that Chiara followed the recommended pedagogy. She’s also heaps of fun!

  62. Dennis Murphree (verified owner)

    My experience with the online lessons has been very satisfactory. Like other reviewers, I was nervous and apprehensive at first but my teacher Giovanna Vettraino has helped me get over my stage fright and enjoy my conversations. She is an excellent teacher and I recommend her highly to anyone who wants to learn to speak Italian.

  63. Roger Adams (verified owner)

    I have been learning Italian for a while but, like many others, I have little opportunity to practice speaking it outside of Italy. So I took the plunge recently and bought 10 lessons. Having had the first two I have regained my enthusiam for learning.
    All I want to do is to be able to understand what is being said to me (well most of it anyway) and to be able to converse sensibly. My teacher Giovanna is very kind and patient with me. Am I nervous when I speak? Well of course I am, but she understands this and gently corrects me and guides me through my difficulties. She types into Skype words & phrases I do not know so I can add to my vocabulary.
    In addition she has set out a very interesting and varied collection of subjects for our lessons ranging from cooking through global warming to the Etruscans! She also sends me information before the lesson so I can read up on the subject which is most useful.
    I would thoroughly recommend these lessons based on my experience.

  64. Patricia Lenz (verified owner)

    American English speaker learning Italian.
    (Francesca) Lei e’ brava, e’ flessibile, e’ divertente. Sto facendo progressi particolarmente nelle mie capacita’ di ascolto. Disse a Francesca che avevo bisogno di un modo per miglioragli
    per me. Lei ha suggerito due programmi: Passepartout di Philippe Daverio e Fuori Roma di Concetta De Gregorio. Il loro temi mi ispirano.
    Grazie a Francesca!

  65. mrsullivan129 (verified owner)

    I have been studying Italian for 6 years with a wonderful teacher who unfortunately passed away a year ago. Our class has continued to meet, reviewing past lessons and clarifying some points for each other. As a former French teacher, I have been leading these review lessons to my best ability. It has worked well for most of the class members, and I have loved it, but I wasn’t making much progress forward myself. I decided to give the online lessons a try and am very happy to report that it has been an unqualified success. My teacher, Giovanna Vettraino, is patient, kind, and most knowledgeable. She keeps me talking! She answers my questions (many of which come from my class) and sends information in advance of each lesson so I am well prepared to meet with her via Skype. She corrects my mistakes gently and with clear explanations. I recommend her most highly…. and I plan to continue our sessions indefinitely!

  66. Monica Luderitz

    Le lezioni online sono state molto utile per mantenere attive le conoscenze aquisite nell’esperienze faccia a faccia in Italia. Le consiglio vivamente. Francesca è adorabile, super competente e sempre pronta ad aiutare.

  67. Gomati Sekhar

    Le lezione sono state utili. La mia insegnante, Irene Colosimo, era paziente e incoraggiante. Sono grata a lei. Spero di parlare meglio di prima. Grazie mille!


  68. Roberta (verified owner)

    I have started lessons with Irene and just signed up for more due to the sale on lessons. I am very pleased. My teacher is very patient and always prompts ahead with what we will be talking about so I can prepare. She sends a recording after so I can hear our conversation and practice on my own. She seems to truly enjoy teaching. I am happy to be studying with Irene and hope to better my speaking of this beautiful language.


  69. Kathy Ward

    I have been teaching myself Italian for about a year and a half now, but I don’t get much speaking practice. When I finally decided to take the plunge and try a Skype lesson, I was nervous about speaking 1) with a native speaker and 2) using Skype. Both were needless worries, as it has turned out.. Since November 2016 I have been having a half-hour conversation each week with Tiziana and am really enjoying them. Half an hour is the right amount of time for me: enough time for interesting conversation but short enough that I’m always looking forward to more the following week. Tiziana is warm and fun to talk to. She is patient with my linguistic fumblings, somehow always keeps the conversation going (and is good at rephrasing questions or information when I don’t understand), answers my questions thoroughly, and encourages emails whenever I have further questions. Finding times to meet is sometimes a challenge, but we have always managed. Judging from the other reviews I’ve read here, the screening process for teachers with Online Italian Club must be extraordinary, because, like so many other reviewers, I feel like I’m having conversations with a friend, rather than a teacher, and I am becoming more confident in speaking each week. (Also, for those nervous about the Skype aspect – don’t be. It was really easy to set up on my iPad, the sound quality is excellent, and it’s possible to do either an audio-only or a video/audio call…)


  70. Bernard Reid

    I have been a regular visitor to Italy over the past seven years. During that time I have endeavoured, as a mature age student, to improve my understanding of the language with a view to being able to converse if not being totally fluent.
    I have lost count of the number of methods I have tried but they include: a two-week intensive course, various one-on-one teachers in the village that I visit, CDs, pod casts, iTube and a number of teachers via Skype. All have been helpful – some more so than others.
    I have been receiving The Italian On Line emails for some time. I am not sure how I came across the website but, I must say, it has been very helpful. I have purchased a number of readers with sound from them. Yet another learning method that I have used.
    Late last year, The Italian On Line Group had a “special” on Skype lessons. I thought why not one last try, so I had a “trial” lesson. The first “trial” did not go so well as I think I gave the impression to the teacher that my grasp of Italiano was better than it actually is. My fault entirely. I came away a little disheartened willing to finally accept that my lot in life would be to remain mono lingual.
    Then I received an email from Lucia Lecce of Italian On Line saying that she had reviewed my trial lesson , understood my dilemma and, based on her experience of other like students, she thought that she would be able to HELP.
    I have now been taking weekly lessons from Lucia since November 2016. I have finally found someone who is able to help me put the pieces together. She corrects my pronunciation (very bad) detects my areas of weakness and crafts lessons, home work and study material to suit. She is also able to explain the vagaries and exceptions of the language that have long confused me.
    I have nothing but praise for Lucia. She is by far the best resource I have found in my endeavour to learn and understand Italian. It is without hesitation that she has my strongest recommendation. Bravissima!!


  71. Amanda Steeds

    My lessons with the incredibly patient Michela have done me the world of good. My Italian class is quite large, as a result of which we, understandably, get very little time to talk, and I have been quite happy to hide behind the others for a quite a while now. However, I needed to boost my confidence, so I decided to book these lessons – and I am so glad I did! Not only has my confidence improved, but my language skills have too, thanks to Michela’s kind and pleasant manner. Even my husband – who is not learning Italian – manages to speak a few words with her when he comes home and finds me chatting with her. It is also very useful to have someone to ask about ‘i compiti’, and any grammar issues which I might be finding difficult – which is, basically, most Italian grammar! Grazie mille Michela!


  72. Gill Montgomery (verified owner)

    I find these lessons really useful. They fit in well with my weekly group lesson that I do locally, and provide me with more talking and listening practice. Ale is very understanding, sometimes (often!) when I listen back to the recording I find that I haven’t answered the question that she asked me, but she is always helpful and encouraging. As a previous reviewer said, I too do a lot of stumbling – trying to find the right verb and tense doesn’t come easily, but I never feel rushed. 30 mins is the ideal time as I find I have to concentrate hard. We do a combination of conversation and grammar and that works well. Ale is always happy to cover topics that I suggest or introduce new points of grammar. Overall it’s a challenge, but also fun.



    I am absolutelly happy with my 30 min lessons. This is precisely the amount of time I can spare from my hectic schedule and enjoy learning the most beautiful language in the world.


  74. Barry Hoffner

    Ho studiato Italiano per gli ultimi quatro anni e posso dire che sono cetro che non c’e un modo migliore
    di imparare Italiano che attraverso le lezioni con Online Italian!!


  75. Mary Wilson (verified owner)

    I decided to try the “onlineitalianclub” Skype lessons about ten months ago. That was such a good decision! Here I am, all these months later, just getting around to booking my fifth course of 10 lessons. The things I like about the lessons are ; I get the undivided attention of my very own (extremely patient!) teacher who tactfully explains and corrects my mistakes ; I can listen to the recordings of the lessons as many times as I want, which I find really helpful; each week I write a short piece on either a topic of my choice or ask my teacher to suggest an aspect of Italian culture for me to research. Not only are the online lessons an enjoyable way for me to improve my Italian and learn more about Italy, but they also give me confidence and a real sense of making progress. Definitely a brilliant way to learn real Italian without leaving home!


  76. Margo Sampson

    The lessons I have had with Emanuele have been fantastic! Whether we are talking about culture, history, or language, every lesson is an opportunity to practice and improve my speaking and listening skills. Emanuele is an excellent teacher, adjusting his speaking to my level and gradually increasing his pace as my skills have improved. It is wonderful to talk with a native speaker of Italian who, as one person said here, is like a friend but who has the knowledge and expertise to make every lesson a great learning experience. I have been taking these lessons for almost a year and am very happy with my progress. Every minute is enjoyable!


  77. Margarita Ferguson

    I started with these online Skype lessons because I wanted to improve my speaking and listening skills. I went to Italy prior to taking the online lessons in January, and I could understand a lot just listening….then I went to Italy again after I started these lessons, and I understood so much more and I was able to speak more, which ultimately is my goal, to have conversations with people I meet when I am in Italy 🙂 I highly recommend for anyone who wants to take their language skills to the next level. Its been a very wonderful experience 🙂 My lessons are with Emanuele, and he is absolutely superb!!


  78. Dennis Maring (verified owner)

    I have been doing these 30 minute lessons for a bit more than a year now and find that I am making steady progress with speaking Italian, which cannot be done by reading or listening, but only by speaking. I enjoy talking with my teacher very much, so it’s like talking to a good friend every week, but in Italian.


  79. Alice Eastaugh

    I can and have recommended Madrelingua to a number of people. I really enjoyed my Italian lessons with them, particularly the group ones, where we talked on a variety of topical subjects, having been given some prior warning. It was challenging to be able to talk on things like the education system in my country, but the tutor was very encouraging and always gave notes of your mistakes and/or some useful phrases down the side. The emailed recordings were also really useful for playback. Good value and very helpful to language acquisition as well as being fun.


  80. Bethany Stringer

    I took these classes to prepare myself with some (very) basic skills for an upcoming trip to Italy. My instructor was fantastic! It’s not about learning stock phrases, but rather being able to think and communicate in the language. Even in the short 5 hours of classes that I took, I was able to learn and use a lot of my skills on my trip. My instructor was encouraging, helpful, and focused on a lot of dialogue work with me. I would highly recommend this site as a great way to get private, individualized lessons to help you reach your Italian goals.


  81. Ann-Margrete Smee (verified owner)

    After a fortnight in Bologna I am fortunate to continue having Paolo as my teacher! He is a rare native speaker teacher who has infinite perception of the linguistic needs of the foreign language student. He is also good at second guessing all the mad constructions that I produce but wonderfully encouraging and so organised and kind. AND I am getting better and more confident. At least I think so….. I love Italian and all the exercises we are given through the school are varied and well thought out. Thank you!!!!


  82. Naomi Gilmore

    These lessons were a great way to get me thinking in Italian. I tend to function best with a lot of structure to my learning, and these lessons necessarily didn’t provide all that, but they were a great experience. I learned new words, and also got experience actually communicating with someone else. They taught me that being grammatically correct is not as important as getting your point across. My teacher, Paolo, was amazing, and super patient, too!


  83. Gina

    I sing to the heavens praises for my tutor, Paolo. It’s tough to find suitable classes, discussion groups, etc., and I have tried many. I lurked on OnlineItalian for a couple years and took advantage of virtually every “freebie” before I bought a few on-line tutorial sessions. Short of being in Italy, one-on-one tutoring has been the most productive (and dollar for dollar smart) way to go.

    What do I like about it? My tutor, Paolo, is attentive, clear, rigorous and very personable. Some sessions are impromptu conversational, some are topical or rooted on exercises that I have prepared (I tend to like homework), and sometimes we do serious grammar. I am a language teacher myself (Latin and Ancient Greek), so am inclined to be critical, but I am impressed not only by the depth of Paolo’s linguistic knowledge, but even more by his clear, succinct explanations. In conversation Paolo finds the right balance between letting me speak (for fluency) and correcting (for accuracy), between an insistence on accuracy for things I “should” know and tolerance for new constructions or idiom. Into the bargain, I have simply enjoyed my studies with Paolo. He performs like a professional, but feels like a friend and I look forward to our sessions.

    I should add that on the basis of the satisfaction of my tutorials with Paolo I took a two week course at Madrelingua in Bologna, an experience that confirmed my sense that these people are running a quality operation.


  84. Gina

    I sing to the heavens praises for my tutor, Paolo. It’s tough to find overseas suitable classes, discussion groups, etc., and I have tried many. I lurked on OnlineItalian for a couple years and took advantage of virtually every “freebie” before I bought a few on-line tutorial sessions. Short of being in Italy, one-on-one tutoring has been the most productive (and dollar for dollar smart) way to go.

    What do I like about it? My tutor, Paolo, is attentive, clear, rigorous and very personable. Some sessions are impromptu conversational, some are topical or rooted on exercises that I have prepared (I like some homework), and sometimes we do serious grammar. I am a language teacher myself (Latin and Ancient Greek), so am inclined to be critical. I am impressed not only by the depth of Paolo’s linguistic knowledge, but even more by his clear, succinct explanations. In conversation Paolo finds the right balance between letting me speak (for fluency) and correcting (for accuracy), between an insistence on accuracy for things I “should” know and tolerance for new constructions or idiom. Into the bargain, I have simply enjoyed my studies with Paolo. He performs like a professional, but feels like a friend and I look forward to our sessions.

    I should add that on the basis of the satisfaction of my tutorials with Paolo I took a two week course at Madrelingua in Bologna, an experience that confirmed my sense that these people are running a quality operation.


  85. Gregory Carnevale

    Thank you Madrelingua/!!!! After struggling to find a way to purse more fluency with local programs where I live, I finally found an efficient way to speak with a native speaker!!!! Francesca was wonderful to work with and very flexible and generous with her time. She quickly became not only a beloved teacher, but a new friend. Since the sessions were all in Italian, there was no time wasted with improving my Italian comprehension and conversation. Grazie Mille!


  86. Adina Galan

    I have had an absolutely wonderful and productive experience taking Italian lessons via Skype with Francesca. The lessons are designed to meet my own needs and interests, and the instructor is very receptive to my goals. I highly recommend these lessons to anyone who wishes to learn, improve or maintain their Italian language skills. The set-up is truly perfect: you get to have the lesson whenever it works with your schedule; you hear and speak Italian during the lesson and the instructor makes instant written corrections or comments without interrupting the flow of the conversation; the lessons are recorded and you receive a message with the recording, allowing you to listen and re-listen the lesson. I am very grateful to Francesca for her feedback and for all the materials that she sends to me following our lessons. I love everything and I wouldn’t make any changes. Mille grazie!
    Adina Galan
    Charlottesville, Virginia


  87. Dianne Price

    I can highly recommend online Skype lessons with Madrelingua/ I have been taking lessons with Lucia for 3 years and feel I have improved greatly over that time. There is no better way to improve than to have a 1 to 1 conversation, especially as I am a mature aged student and the memory cells are diminishing! Lucia makes the lessons fun, interesting, and informative and is very encouraging. We have a lot of laughs! Her explanations are very easy to follow, and of course you can do whatever aspect of the language you choose, e.g. grammar, conversation etc. I live in Australia so the time difference can be difficult, but she is always accommodating and we have always found a mutually convenient time. We also communicate during the week and she will correct my homework prior to the next lesson.
    MY ONLY CRITICISM is that 1/2 hour is too short, but I am fortunate as my teacher is very generous with her time.

  88. Beryl Barratt (verified owner)

    Practising conversation is one of the most difficult things in learning a language especially for mature students so this was my choice of how to use the 1/2 hour sessions. Paolo is interesting to talk with over a wide range of topics. He inspires confidence and I have had no hesitation in booking a further 10 lessons.

  89. Sue Durman

    I have been doing online lessons with Giovanni from January 2015. Although there is a big time difference we manage to find a time that suits us both. I do a lot of stumbling with my Italian but Giovanni is extremely patient. I particularly like having to do a small piece of writing for homework each week. Slowly I think I am improving and I am not as nervous as I was when I first started. The summary of our lesson and the recording of it are extremely helpful and a good record of what we have done. I can recommend the online Skype lessons because they make you think and speak in Italian and because it is on a one to one basis, there is no hiding behind others!

  90. Patricia Lenz (verified owner)

    I will be signing up for another 3 series of 10 –30 minute lessons…I have had lessons with both Francesca and Paolo–both really helped introduce and boost conversational skills. I look forward to the lessons. An added benefit is that they know Bologna well and enthusiastically answer questions about transportation and bus routes, good places to eat and shop for food, things to do, etc. All in Italian, of course.
    As I am starting my third year studying Italian, I have realized that I need to be more comfortable with the grammar. Arghh. For that, I will constantly use Online Italian Club since that is much more accessible to me than the explanations and exercises in the Espresso textbook series. Listening to and reading the e-books is also a huge learning advantage. It’s taking work: there is no magic fix!
    I like the whole package: Skype lessons, Online Italian Club exercises and listenings, as well as the books…and I have taken classes at the Scuola Madrelingua twice!

  91. ines odriozola

    Ireally do enjoy my lessons with Francesca, it is fun and it helps me to keep the motivation high. She is also very flexible, we always find a time slot that suits both of us, wich is not easy with my changing work schedules, it made it impossible for me to follow a traditional class, so online is perfect for me.

  92. Charmaine

    Sono un’ora dal tempo che faro’ una lezione con Federica. Sono molto contento che le lezioni sono strutturati con le mie particolari esignenze in mente. In realta` trovo e` ancora dificile per me capire tutto che si dice e per questo motivo e` ottimo che ho un’insegnante italiana, in particolare uno buona come Federica.

  93. Dianne Price

    Ciao Daniel,
    Ho dato il mio opinione nel Forum Italiano quando do il mio risposta a Lucia. Mi piace molttissima le mie lezioni con Lucia. Sono ancora nervosa e c`e` tanti “um, um”s
    ma si fa pensare di piu` durante la settemana e tra le lezioni. Non vedo l’ora la prossima lezione! Dianne

  94. Bijan Gillani

    I have had the pleasure of taking online courses with Ms. Giulia Bulzoni for a several months. As one who has observed closely her pedagogical approach, I can attest quite accurately to her excellent teaching ability, expertise in technology, and her effective interpersonal skills.

    On numerous occasions, I have had the opportunity to observe Giulia’s presentations during our sessions. She understands the problems and needs students have in regards to understanding complex linguistic subjects. Her curriculum knowledge about Italian language and her understanding of the needs of the students give her ability to plan and present practical, yet innovative lessons.

    As a professor with huge publications of books and papers in the field of learning sciences and technology, I was surprised by her ability to use online technology to deliver her lessons, record each session, and FTP the URL to me immediately. Her knowledge and insights about cutting edge technology and a student-centered approach demonstrate her understanding of the vision of today’s educational needs that demand different approaches in the wake of the explosion of the Internet, long distance learning, e-learning, and instructional technology.

    I find Ms. Bulzoni to be serious in her intent though with a sense of humor. She possesses exemplary interpersonal skills. She is a personable lady, who gives a great deal of her time and energy to her career. She relates well with others, and takes time to listen and be helpful. These attributes are indicative of characteristics of an excellent instructor who believes in listening and analyzing the training needs of students.

    Because of her great teaching ability that reflects her knowledge in curriculum and technology, and her effective social skills, I am delighted to recommend her to those who are interested in taking online courses in Italian. I know you will learn and enjoy each session with her as I have during the last few months.

    Dr. Bijan B. Gillani
    Professor and Director of
    The Graduate Program in Educational Technology Leadership
    California State University, East Bay

  95. Ruth Jenkins

    This has been a great experience for me. I had decided that, living in Australia, it is too difficult to continue my Italian studies, but Lucia has been such an encouraging and supportive teacher, I now have renewed enthusiasm. I have only had four lessons so far but have really enjoyed them. The process has been easy and extremely convenient apart from a few early problems with internet connection. Lucia’s feedback and homework have been first rate. I would highly recommend Online Italian to others.

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