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Quiet day at home? Save 20% on Online Lessons & Ebooks!

New Year’s Day can be a little… come si dice?


But hey, that’s what online shops are for!

So here’s a quick reminder about the EasyReaders.Org 2019 January Sale.

With coupon code:


you’ll save 20% on the ebooks and online lessons that will help you improve your Italian, Spanish, French, German (and certain other languages) in 2019!

Use the coupon code to reduce anything in our shop – online lessons via Skype, ebooks, easy readers, parallel texts – by 20%!

Which is like getting ten one-to-one lessons, while paying for only eight.

Or buying 5 ebooks but being charged for just four of them!

Here’s the coupon code again:


Make your selection from the online lesson and ebook options for the language or languages that you’re learning. Or would like to learn!

Italian | French | Spanish | German | Other languages

Then copy and paste coupon code january_sale_2019_save_20% into the box in your shopping cart to reduce the total by 20%.

The coupon code is valid until midnight on Sunday 6th January 2019. Use it as often as you like until then, with no minimum or maximum spend.

Ready to shop for online lessons, easy readers, parallel texts and grammar workbooks – at an unbeatable price?

Italian | French | Spanish | German | Other languages


The next sale won’t be until at Easter…

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