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Save 20% on Ebooks in the EasyReaders.Org Autumn/Fall Sale!

Summer is done.

The kids are back in school, temperatures are dropping, leaves are falling from trees (well not yet, but they will be soon.)

Oh well…

At least we’ve got a solid three months before Christmas/New Year.

That’s a good block of time in which to make progress with your Italian, French, German, Spanish, or whichever language or languages you’re working on (Swedish in my case.)

That’s IF you have the right teaching support, and plenty of stimulating materials to work on.

Fortunately, this week there’s the EasyReaders.Org ‘Autumn/Fall Sale’ on ebooks and online lessons!

Coupon code autumn_sale_2017_save_20%! will save you 20% on one-to-one online lessons (with a native-speaker teacher) and on a range of ebooks created to keep you engaged and making progress.

So find some time this week to stock up on online lesson credits, easy readers, parallel texts and grammar workbooks – at an unbeatable price!

The coupon code is good until Sunday night (the next sale won’t be until Christmas/New Year.)

Italian | French | Spanish | German | Other languages

And here’s that coupon code again:


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