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Save 25% on the new ‘Best of 2018-2019’

This week we’re celebrating the first anniversary of our sister website,, by publishing an ebook containing a selection of news stories and feature articles from their first year.

Best of 2018-2019 - cover image

This ebook is rather longer than usual at 78 pages and so will sell for £9.99. But, as usual, this first week you can save 25% and so get a copy for just £7.99.

Take a look at the free sample chapter (.pdf) – actually it’s several chapters. There’s no audio with this one, just text, but there are glossaries of difficult words for each topic area. And of course, it’s excellent reading practice for learners of Italian!

The full version is available for purchase from our online shop: Best of 2018-2019.

But wait!

Did you, at any point in the last twelve months, donate to

That site is funded directly by readers. You can see the names of people who helped us out here. (Some chose to remain anyonymous…)

We kept a list of donor emails with the idea of sending a FREE COPY of the planned ebook to everyone who helped us out during our first year – now done!

If you gifted money at any point, check your inbox, spam folder and so on for an email (sent yesterday – Monday 17th Sept.) about how to get your free ebook.

HOWEVER, our mailing system will have screened out the email addresses of anyone who unsubscribed from one of our mailing lists (there are several) or marked any email we sent as spam, so as to ensure that people aren’t disturbed by emails they’d prefer not to see.

Did you donate but subsequently get tired of receiving ‘easy’ news bulletins or emails from one of our other lists?

Then you may not have received the email with instructions on how to get your free ebook.

If you’d like it anyway, just email and we’ll find a way to get your copy to you!


Every ‘bulk’ email we send, for example this article, has an unsubscribe link, either at the top, the bottom, or both. If you’d rather not receive emails from us, click it and so specify. As I mentioned above, once someone has unsubscribed, that’s it. No more emails.

BUT, if your email address is on more than one list (for example or as well as this one), you may need to unsubscribe separately for each. This is because we use three different mailing systems. For help with unsubscribing, or anything else, just email us!

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