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This Week Save 20% on Italian/French/Spanish/German Lessons

This week our sister website is having its 2024 Summer Sale, which means that one-to-one Italian/French/Spanish/German Lessons can be had a fifth cheaper than usual.

Use regular online meetings with a native speaker teacher of the language you’re learning to give structure to your self-study, and for that essential practice speaking and interacting!

Save 20% on one-to-one Italian/French/Spanish/German Lessons with a native speaker teacher of the language you’re learning by using this coupon code:


Ten thirty-minute online lessons with a native speaker teacher would normally cost you £200 (just £20 a lesson).

But with coupon code 2024-Summer-Sale-20%-Off you’ll pay just £160! (£16.00 a lesson), which is like getting two free lessons!

So how exactly do you save 20% on your online lessons or practice with a native speaker of the language you’re learning??

Start by making your selection at There are one/five/ten/twenty/thirty-lesson options, with increasing discounts. Use the ‘Add to cart’ button.

Next, go to your shopping cart and paste in coupon code 2024-Summer-Sale-20%-Off (where it says ‘Apply coupon’), which will reduce the cart total by 20%.

Press the ‘Apply coupon’ button and scroll down to check that the CART TOTAL (not the individual item price) really is discounted by 20%.

This promotion ends, and coupon code 2024-Summer-Sale-20%-Off expires, at midnight on Sunday 7th July 2024, so stock up today on the online lesson credits that you’ll need to make progress with your chosen foreign language!

Here’s that coupon code once more:


Use it here:

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2 thoughts on “This Week Save 20% on Italian/French/Spanish/German Lessons

  1. I have looked forward to the summer history series each year and have wished I had someone to discuss the episodes with and to ask for clarification on an occasional grammar point. Is this a reasonable expectation of a native speaker?

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