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Two new Italian/English parallel texts (and a coupon code!)

Italian-English parallel text ebook - Quattordici - cover image

This week at we’ve published two new Italian-English parallel text ebooks.

Quattordici‘ is a collection of articles written by my younger daughter when she was fourteen.

That same summer her elder sister also wrote some articles. She’s two years older, so the ebook I created from those is called ‘Sedici‘.

Both girls wrote well for their age, but for me, the fascinating thing about these texts was the topics they chose.

If you ever yearn to know what on earth teenagers are thinking, here’s your chance to find out!

Italian/English parallel text - Sedici - cover image

There are free sample chapters available for both texts ( Quattordici (.pdf) | Sedici (.pdf) ).

Take a look at the ‘contents’ page and you’ll see what I mean – their interests, at the different ages, were quite different, though equally fascinating!

N.b. To compare the two languages in a parallel text ebook, the lines are numbered. You could print the pages and align the sheets of paper, or you could figure out how to view the pages side-by-side or one above the other in your device’s .pdf reader. There’s a note on how to do this on the ‘product page’ of each parallel text, and it’s also reproduced in our FAQ.

And to celebrate my daughters’ literary debut, I have a coupon code which will get you 25% off these ebooks, along with the other seventeen Italian/English parallel texts in our online shop.

Carefully copy and paste this code


into the box in your Cart, to the left of the ‘Apply Coupon’ button.

Then press said button and SCROLL DOWN to view the cart total, to check that your discount has been applied.

When copying and pasting, be sure not to miss any characters or include any additional spaces, or the coupon code won’t be valid…

With coupon code 25%_Off_Italian/English_Parallel_Texts, a £7.99 parallel text will cost you £5.99. Buy all nineteen and you’d save £38!

So now you need to add some parallel texts to your Cart to check that the coupon code really works…

You’ll find all our Italian/English parallel texts, in level order on the catalogue page.

Or browse them in our online shop by clicking on these links:


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