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“Very effective and helpful” Book of the Week – Now 50% Off!

There are only two buyer reviews for this week’s Book of the Week.

But they’re both very encouraging!

One reviewer, Tony, described it as “Very effective and helpful“.

He added “After listening and checking with the transcript several times I did notice a real improvement in my ability. The story is well written and interesting enough to make the listener look forward to the next installment.

Thanks Tony!

Aleksandra, the other reviewer, wrote “It is very interesting story. I knew it but never read in Italian“.

And yes, of course, I’m picking the best bits! Read both reviews in full here.

So, what’s the book? Italian easy readers - Galileo, Pisa e la luna - cover image

Galileo, Pisa e la luna takes us back to the Italian city of Pisa, in the year 1690.

Academic and university teacher, Galileo, is re-thinking Aristotle’s idea that the heavier an object is, the faster it will fall to earth.

He gets his reluctant assistant, Valerio, running up and down the steps of the city’s famous leaning tower to help test his theory.

Like Aleksandra, you probably learned about this at school many years ago.

But now, thanks to our ebook, you can actually join one of the Reniassance period’s best-known scientists as he conducts this important experiment.

And all the while improving your Italian!

This week only, Galileo, Pisa e la luna is reduced from the usual ebook easy reader price of £7.99 to just half of that – £3.99!

For that you get:

  • .pdf e-book (+ audio available free online at
  • 8 short chapters to read and listen to
  • Comprehension questions to check your understanding
  • Italian/English glossary of ‘difficult’ terms for the level

This is a really good piece of study material!

It’s suitable for students at intermediate level, and above.

And with the 50% discount offer, it’s exceptional value!

But there’s no need to take my word for it – download the Free Sample Chapter (.pdf) and have a look at the first few paragraphs to see if it ‘grabs you’!

Don’t forget to listen to the audio online (by clicking on the link at the top of the chapter.)

So, interested?

This week’s offer ends on Sunday night, as always.

Take a minute today to buy your copy, before the price doubles!

N.b. Your e-book will be emailed to you within 24 hours of your purchase.

Or browse our shop to find something more suited to your current level and interests:

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