How to review easy readers and parallel texts

Genuine customer reviews are really important! They function as a guide to others, and help us improve our materials.

Leaving a review takes just a minute or two, and isn’t hard to do. Unfortunately, most people don’t bother. We hope you will, though! Here’s how:

(1.) Find the ebook you want to review

First find the ebook you’d like to review. The easiest way is to type the title into the search box, which you’ll find at the top of the page. It looks like this:



Or you could scroll down through the Catalog page. There, ebooks are organised by level to make them easy to find. When you locate yours, click the link to visit the product information page.


(2.) Scroll down the product information page

Scroll down the ‘product’ page until you see the Reviews tab.





(3.) Click the ‘Reviews’ tab

Yes, you guessed it. Click the Reviews tab. 4-select-the-reviews-tab




(4.) Give the ebook a star rating!

Rate the e-book by clicking on the number of stars. Five is excellent. Zero is bad. Be honest and you’ll be helping other users of this site make their choice while helping us improve.





(5.) Now add your comments

You can write as much or as little as you like. Write whatever you think would be helpful.






(6.) Add your name and email

Your email won’t be published or added to our mailing list.






(7.) Press the ‘Submit’ button

Press the ‘Submit’ button. Your review will be checked by a real person before it’s published, to eliminate spam. All genuine reviews will be published, whether positive or not.




(8.) Now write another!

Thanks so much! If you’ve tried other e-books, please return to our shop and review the others too (it’s quicker the second time!)