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2023 Summer Ebook Sale Starts Next Week, Save 20%!

Next week we’re having our 2023 Summer Sale, which means that everything at our ebook store can be had a fifth cheaper than usual.

On Tuesday July 4th we’ll be emailing a coupon code so students of Italian, Spanish, French and German can save 20% on ebooks for learning foreign languages, such as graded easy readers, parallel texts, and grammar workbooks!

Reading and listening practice is essential to building and maintaining comprehension skills, so take the chance next week to pop 5 ebooks into your shopping cart, yet pay for just four of them!

Watch out for the email with the coupon code on Tuesday July 4th!

In the meantime, why not browse our Catalog page, where you’ll find materials for learning Italian, French, Spanish, German, and certain other languages, organised by type and level.

The Catalog page also has links to free samples for all the languages and for virtually all of the ebook titles. Download a few at different levels and read/listen  to them – it’s a good way to verify your reading/listening comprehension level in the language or languages you’re studying!

Our ebooks are .pdf by default (everyone is familiar with those), but for some types of text we also offer other formats that are compatible with Kindles and other ebook readers, .epub for instance. Both the Catalog page and the product information pages for each individual ebook should make it clear which format or formats are available, and how to get them!

Ebook store | Catalog | FAQ

Price increases from July 10th (AFTER the sale)

In the eight or nine years we’ve been publishing and selling ebooks, we’ve never raised our prices.

An ‘easy reader’ that cost £7.99 at the beginning, still costs £7.99. A ‘grammar workbook’ that retailed for £15.99 in 2015, still does today.

But with inflation running at 8-10% a year recently, that time is coming to an end. Sorry.

AFTER the Summer Sale (Monday 3rd to Sunday 9th July), we’ll be raising ebook prices.

So if there’s anything you have your eye on, or expect to need in the coming few months (check the Catalog page for free samples of everything), better buy it during sale week (Monday 3rd to Sunday 9th July).

That way you’ll  save 20% on current prices (remember to use the coupon code…) and avoid the scheduled price rises.

No longer interested?

All bulk emails we send (including this one) contain an unsubscribe link, usually at the bottom. Scroll down to find it, click the link and select ‘unsubscribe’. That will permanently remove your email address from our ebooks mailing list.

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