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Countdown to the January Sale (and Italian courses in Bologna)

No new ebooks this week, and no ‘Book of the Week’ offer, sorry!

That’s because I’m busy with my other job, running an Italian school in Bologna, where this week we’re doing our annual ‘Save 20%’ offer.

If you’d be interested in taking an Italian course ACTUALY IN ITALY, details of the school’s offer can be found here:

2020 Italian Course Offer: Save 20% From Today!

And today’s article on the school website might also be of interest… 2020 Italian Course Offer: Why learn Italian?

Anyway, back to, your center for ONLINE lessons and EBOOKS!

We too will be running a seasonal promotion, though not until after Christmas.

From Dec. 27th 2019 through to January 6th 2020 we’ll he holding our ‘January Sale’ – we’ll be publishing a special seasonal coupon code which will save you 20% on online lessons and ebooks – the coupon code will be valid for EVERYTHING in our online shop!

So there you go: start browsing now for study materials and online lesson credits. But hold off buying anything until the Friday after Christmas, so as to take full advantage of the -20% coupon code!

More details about the January Sale on 27/12/19!

Skype Italian lessons | Italian self-study workbooks | Italian easy readers | Italian-English parallel texts | Catalog

(Don’t forget to check out the Italian courses at our school in Bologna, will you?)

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