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Locked down at home with nothing to do? Some suggestions.

Locked down at home with nothing much to do? That would explain why some of our websites have seen a spike in traffic this week., for example, which offers masses of FREE materials for learning Italian, is breaking all previous records, with thousands of visitors each day from countries around the world!

And is also doing well, with over five thousand people signed up to receive FREE bulletins of ‘easy’ Italian news to read/listen to, three times each and every week.

Both of those are great options IF YOU’RE STUDYING ITALIAN, but did you know we also sell ebooks and online lessons for students of other languages?

We have ‘easy reader’ ebooks in French, Spanish and German, for example. Typically they’ll comprise eight short chapters, written for students at a particular level, from beginner up. You get the text, plus an accompanying online audio recording, so you can read and listen at the same time, or read first then listen, or even listen first then read to check your understanding.

A chapter a day should be manageable for most people, which makes these materials a very affordable option. But if you’ve got too much time on your hands, as many of us have right now, why not aim to read/listen to an ebook every day of your lockdown??

Four chapters in the morning, four in the afternoon, review the unknown words in the evening, and listen to the whole thing once more the next morning, to warm up, before starting the next ebook – which could be at the same, or at a slightly higher level.

That would be pretty full on! And I’d bet that, by the time we’re through this virus thing, your reading/listening skills would be so much better!

Or what about trying some of our ‘parallel text’ ebooks? These don’t have the audio, but they do have an English translation, so they’re more suited to the type of student that likes to understand every nuance and isn’t so bothered about building real-time comprehension skills.

How do they work? Well, suppose you’re studying Spanish: the parallel text gives you a chapter of original Spanish written for learners at your level, followed by the same text translated into English. The lines in each version are numbered so you can easily compare them (1. Hola Lola! Como estas? = 1. Hello Lola! How are you?)

Actually, I’m studying Spanish myself right now, or rather not studying it and just hoping that something magical happens and my brain will just absorb it without me having to make any effort!

I’m aware, of course, that we’re locked in the house, I have dozens of ebooks right here that I could be working on, and that this might be my best-ever opportunity to do so. But I keep finding excuses not to start, for example writing these emails!

That takes maybe half a day, though. Then, I’m just wasting time, time I could be spending doing something useful… Tut, tut! Must do better!

What I am managing to squeeze into my frantic schedule is a weekly online lesson with a nice Spanish teacher in Mexico. A half-hour of friendly chatter is both a workout for my Spanish and a welcome opportunity to interact with someone from outside our home. And at a surprisingly modest cost!

A pack of ten thirty-minute Spanish, French or Italian lessons comes to just £150, so £15 per lesson. But during our ‘Spring Sale promotion, assuming you remember to use the coupon code, that’s 20% discounted!

So just £120 for ten thirty-minute lessons, or £12 for a friendly chat in the language you’re learning with an experienced native-speaker teacher.

And given that all the shops are closed anyway…

Spring Sale 2020: Save 20%!

Don’t forget that EasyReaders.Org has its ‘Spring Sale’ this week, meaning that until midnight on Sunday you can save 20% on our whole range of ebooks for learning foreign languages, and/or on one-to-one lessons with our team of online teachers.

Use coupon code Spring-Sale-2020 to get your discount – carefully copy and paste it into the box in your shopping cart (where it says ‘Coupon code’), press the blue ‘Apply coupon’ button, then scroll down to check that the cart total has been discounted before proceeding to the payment stage.

  • Coupon code Spring-Sale-2020 will get you a 20% discount on everything, IF you remember to use it…
  • It’s valid until midnight on Sunday 29th March 2020
  • There’s no minimum or maxium spend, and you can use the coupon as often as you wish while the offer lasts
  • Coupon code Spring-Sale-2020 will even work on items that are already discounted, such as ebook multipacks and packs of online lesson credits
  • Pay via Amazon Pay (use your existing Amazon account payment method, if you have one), Paypal/credit card (Paypal processes credit card payments on our behalf – no need to open a Paypal account), or bank transfer to our UK bank account (don’t choose this option unless you have a UK bank account too)

Our catalog page shows all our ebook and lesson options in one place, language by language, organised by type, and in level order.

Browse our full range of lessons, easy readers, ‘ebooks of the film’, ‘parallel texts’, grammar workbooks, and so on. From the catalog page you can also check the prices, follow links to the product information pages, and download free sample chapters.

Check out the catalog page now, or view only the language or languages that you’re currently studying:

Italian | French | Spanish | German | other languages

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