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Psst! Fancy a free Italian/Spanish/French/German lesson?

At we publish ebooks for language learners, mainly Italian, but also French, Spanish, German and a sprinkling of other languages.

Our FREE samples, and FREE titles, are downloaded often (find them on our Catalog page) so we know there are lots of language students out there looking for a bargain! used to also sell one-to-one online language lessons, but that’s now done through a dedicated website (with a different mailing list)

But guess what? This week is giving away 150 FREE TRIAL ITALIAN/FRENCH/SPANISH/GERMAN LESSONS.

Bargain hunters, it’s party time!

Obviously, you should check out the details of the ‘free trial’ offer on their website.

Then, it’s a simple matter of ‘buying’ the lesson that interests you (priced at £0.00 instead of the usual £22.00 – no catches, nothing to pay) and waiting for them to contact you.

You can do that here:

Italian | Spanish | French | German

As I said, you should read the details of the ‘free trial’ offer on their website, but it’s a genuine offer, and it ENDS ON SUNDAY FEBRUARY 18th 2024.

Next week we’ll have a new Italian ‘easy reader’ ebook to tell you about!

But in the meantime check out the details of the ‘free trial’ offer.

Or go browse ebooks.

P.S. Not interested?

All bulk email we send contains a prominent ‘unsubscribe’ link. Click it once and your email will be permanently removed from whichever list it’s part of (not from other lists you might be on.)

Hundreds of people use the ‘unsubscribe’ link each week, so there’s no reason to be reading emails like this one if you’re not interested.

The unsubscribe process is more or less instant. Do give it a try!

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