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150 FREE Online Language Lessons Offer: just 36 hours left!!

Here’s a final reminder to snap up your free online language lesson, if you haven’t already done so.

There are only about 36 hours remaining of our Free Trial Online Language Lesson offer, which ends tomorrow night (Sunday February 14th 2021).

There won’t be another chance to try a FREE one-to-one online language lesson (Italian, French, Spanish or German) until November 2021.

This week we’ve already given away around a hundred and fifty FREE online lessons, worth £20 each.

But we still have the capacity and budget for a few more, so if you’d like to try an online lesson (via Skype or Zoom) with a native-speaker teacher, follow these links to claim yours:

Italian | Spanish | French | German | Catalog

N.b. There’s no need to buy one to get one free, and you don’t have to provide credit card or payment details. Anyone who wants to try a one-to-one online lesson, gets one for free!

Of course, the idea is that some of you will buy additional lesson credits and continue to learn this way. Others won’t, but that’s fine – hopefully those people will say nice things about us to others they know who are learning Italian/French/Spanish/German.

This offer is for new students only. The Free Trial Online Language Lesson offer is limited to one free online lesson per person.

Grab yours!

Italian | Spanish | French | German | Catalog

When we receive your order, our teaching management assistant will email you to find out what your needs and preferences are and WHEN you’d like to do your free lesson.

  • The Free Trial Online Italian Lesson offer ends on Sunday 14th February 2021
  • You don’t have to DO the lesson this week, just ‘order’ it
  • Around a hundred and fifty people have already signed up for a trial lesson, but there are a few slots still available
  • This offer is for NEW STUDENTS ONLY
  • If you booked a free trial last time but didn’t take it – try again!
  • But if you’ve already done a free trial in the past, sorry but this isn’t for you
  • Once you’ve completed your lesson, you’ll be sent a 15% discount coupon

View online lesson prices in our Catalog.

Then click one of these links to book your free trial Italian lesson:

Italian | Spanish | French | German

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