Italian Easy Readers ‘Three For Two’ – Level A2

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The A2 (pre-intermediate) 'Three For Two' bundle includes three .pdf ebooks:

You'll receive all three (for the price of two!) within 24 hours of your purchase.

And if you have already purchased one, or more, of these previously?

No problem.

Just write to us at the time of your order, telling us which one you already have, and we'll offer a substitute ebook at the same level!



Want to REALLY learn Italian?

So put aside that grammar book – it’s time to start working on building your reading and listening skills!

Being able to confidently read Italian texts and understand what you hear opens up a whole new world of opportunities, both for learning and for living!

This ‘Three For Two’ bundle contains three ‘easy reader’ ebooks, at a discounted price.

Each of these .pdf ebooks (printable, or readable on most devices) contains an original story, along with glossaries of difficult words and exercises.

There’s even an audio recording to listen to online, as often as you wish!

This material is written by Italian teachers, especially for learners like you. The finished story is then recorded by an Italian native speaker.

You read and listen, check unknown words in the glossary, do the exercises if you wish, then go back and read and/or listen again.

Spend as much or as little time on this material as you wish – the important thing is to finish the story!

Read one, then another, then another!

Building a study habit which includes regular reading and listening to material adapted to your level will, over time, improve your knowledge of grammar and vocabulary.

As well as boosting your confidence with Italian texts of all types!

The A2 (pre-intermediate) ‘Three For Two’ bundle includes three .pdf ebooks:

You’ll receive all three (for the price of two!) within 24 hours of your purchase.

And if you have already purchased one, or more, of these previously?

No problem.

Just write to us at the time of your order, telling us which one you already have, and we’ll offer a substitute ebook at the same level!

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.pdf ebook

3 reviews for Italian Easy Readers ‘Three For Two’ – Level A2

  1. Nils Moberg (verified owner)

    I have read Cielo Libro, la Montagna and L´Amore and the level is ok but I will try A2/B1 next time
    I find the books interesting and I like the idéa of combinating listening and reading and think it´s a good way for me to improve my Italien. I have also noticed that a lot o scientists find this beeing a good method
    I will keep on bying books for the next six month and then evaluate the result.

  2. David Hood (verified owner)

    So far out of the pack of 3 books I have read Cielo Libero. This is the 2nd easy reader I have tried and I find them very helpful. They make a welcome change from grammar exercises.
    The storyline of Cielo Libero is quite interesting and the vocabulary was useful. I think for me the greatest value is being able to hear the book being read. I generally listen to it after reading the text as I feel my weakest area is distinguishing words in the flow of Italian.
    I like that these easyreaders give you grammar and vocabulary at a consistent level. Some sources include content which is beyond me at present and causes frustration.
    In summary I’d highly recommend you choose an easy reader at the right level for you and go for it.

  3. Bill Carmichael

    I guess I would class myself as a slightly more advanced beginner and these at level A2 were just about right for me. I’ve read two; ‘Cielo Libero’ and ‘L’amore ai tempi del supermercado’ and I have yet to read the third ‘La Montagna’.
    The books are quite short and skilfully written – so there is a good narrative arc and enough interest to keep you turning the pages.
    My preferred method is first to read the whole thing through without worrying too much about understanding every word and just trying to get the gist of the story.
    I then go back and make a note of any word or usage I don’t understand. I try to work out or guess what the unknown words mean by using the context of the story. If I still can’t get it I will use a dictionary.
    I then read it through again out loud, paragraph by paragraph, first in Italian, trying to get the pronunciation right, and then in English.
    Then I listen to the audio and follow the text, making a note of any pronunciations I am getting wrong and trying to correct them.
    Finally I will listen to the audio without the text to see if I can follow and understand the story.
    So with each story I am reading or listening to it five or six times.
    I really like this method of learning – I like reading anyway and this method extends my vocabulary and I get some practice reading, speaking and listening.
    I would recommend these books as a fun way to learn. Just check the free chapter before you buy so you choose a book suitable to your level.
    My wife bought them for me as a present and she had a small problem in finding the link to the files and this was sorted very quickly. Very good customer service.
    Buon Natale a tutti!

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