The Tenses You Need To Speak Italian

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  • The ideal way to learn the tenses you need to actually speak Italian!
  • 112 page .pdf e-book plus nine audio tracks
  • Suitable for students at any level
  • Clear explanations of regular and irregular verbs forms in each of the main “spoken” tenses
  • Exercises and listening tracks to consolidate your understanding
  • Try before you buy: Free Sample Chapter .pdf
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  • The ideal way to learn the tenses you need to actually speak Italian!
  • 112 page .pdf e-book plus nine audio tracks
  • Suitable for students at any level
  • Clear explanations of regular and irregular verbs forms in each of the main “spoken” tenses
  • Exercises and listening tracks to consolidate your understanding
  • Try before you buy: Free Sample Chapter .pdf
How do I access my ebook?

When your order is ‘completed’ (allow up to 24 hours), a download link will be automatically emailed to you. It’s valid for 7 days and 3 download attempts so please save a copy of the .pdf ebook in a safe place.

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.pdf ebook

48 reviews for The Tenses You Need To Speak Italian

  1. Mayken (verified owner)

    I bought this ebook as a grammar support to be able to look up the different tenses as I’m learning them/coming across them. It’s very helpful and to the point to look up a specific tense, and the explanations are very clear. I’ve been workign with it only for a few weeks so far, but I’m very happy with it and would definitely recommend it!
    (I admit I printed it out for easier reading and to be able to do the exercises.)

  2. Helen McCloud (verified owner)

    Hello, I’ve just started the tenses book and I just had to say that the glossary of verbs split into categories is the single most useful piece of information I’ve found (across all Italian materials I’ve seen not the book). I am feeling very heartened and am looking forward to working through all the exercises in the book.
    Thank you for all your hard work .

  3. Jan De Booser (verified owner)

    Highly recommended!

  4. John Milne (verified owner)

    What an excellent and instructive textbook for verb tenses. Everything is presented clearly and logically with good exercises to test your comprehension level. My only criticism would be that some of the listening comprehension exercises could be recorded in a clearer voice. Even after several attempts to follow the sound files I am struggling to fully hear everything that is pronounced. Might be my hearing but I have a hearing test booked for a few days time!

  5. Margaret C (verified owner)

    I found this to be an excellent resource for revising tenses. It is not too complicated nor too simplistic and it gives a thorough overview. The explanations are very clear as are the exercises. I think the listening exercises are a little confusing as some words I can’t distinguish – normal in an authentic listening task but frustrating in a grammar exercise.

  6. Maurice McKevitt (verified owner)

    This really is a brilliant book . Everything is laid out in a very clear concise manner . I have only started to work my way through it and I am very impressed , at long last the tenses are explained in an easy to understand manner . All I have to do now is studiare !!

  7. Steve (verified owner)

    An excellent book. Well constructed and therefore easy to read for study and to refer to as and when needed. I would strongly recommend as a resource for beginners and as a reference as you progress.

  8. Ted (verified owner)

    I received my copy of “The Tenses You Need To Speak Italian” today. Periodically I purchase an Italian learning book or PDF to keep me motivated in learning to speak Italian. “The Tenses You Need To Speak Italian” is an excellent resource. It is written very well in a step-by-step manner. Now and then I focus on Italian grammar, knowing that speaking and comprehending the language is most important. EasyReader materials are an outstanding resource. Learning the Italian language has been a hobby of mine since my three visits to Italy over a period of six years. I still consider myself a beginner, yet I see progress.

    I highly recommend EasyReader products.

    Alla prossima!

  9. Allan (verified owner)

    This book is great for learning verb tenses

  10. Jan Adams (verified owner)

    This is an excellent book. I am slowly going through the first few chapters and will keep learning Italian with this at my side.

  11. Jane

    This book is so useful. A lot of dictionaries and phrase books have verb tables in but this has all the information in one book. There are lots of examples of how to use the verbs. There are also exercises with answers at the back so you can check your knowledge.

  12. Marianne L. (verified owner)

    Absolutely a great find!! I have been studying Italian for a few years and the tenses have been very difficult for me to grasp. This book explains them much easier than I have learned in the past. I didn’t think I would like having a ebook, but I actually like it better because I find myself writing the complete answers in a different notebook which just makes them stick in my brain even more so.
    And if I’m sitting waiting for something I just open my tablet and there it is.

  13. Carla Ranks (verified owner)

    Eccellente! Grazie, Daniel!
    This has been a great resource for me. I printed it out and, though I have not completed the book, it has been helpful in my never ending quest to “get” Italian verbs!
    If you are struggling with verb tenses, buy this!!
    Everything I have ordered from you, Daniel, has been so helpful.

  14. Philip Quinnell (verified owner)

    This is a great book. I live in Italy (Lake Como) and whilst I have an understanding of the language, as an English Teacher I don’t use it as much as I should. Therefore, having a book like this, that I can have online but which is also printable is a real plus for me when I am running around between lessons. Clear and well explained, I will be sure to buy further books like this in the future.

  15. Zsuzsanna (verified owner)

    I have been trying to converse in Italian and found my knowledge of verbs very shaky so I bought this book and found it very helpful. I need to spend more time on putting it into practice and this book is ideal for that.
    Thank you, Daniel!

  16. Lisa (verified owner)

    I highly recommend this book. I haven’t gotten through the entire book yet. I have only studied presente, passato prossimo and some riflessivi verbs and I don’t want to create confusion for myself so I’m taking it slow. And I’m a slow learner. So far the book has been very good, the audio is way to fast for me but having the text is quite helpful. Lessons and listening, win, win.

  17. Ted (verified owner)

    Excellent book for a beginning learner of Italian. The scripts start nice and easy. One concern: the book is relatively short.

    • easyreadersorg

      Thanks for the review, Ted.

      The book is 99 pages of content, plus the solutions, as can be clearly seen from the free sample chapter download, which includes an index with contents and page numbers.

  18. Brenda (verified owner)

    Love it! Love it! I haven’t completed it yet, but within the first five chapters, I’ve filled in a lot of gaps in my knowledge of verbs.

  19. cpdavison (verified owner)

    I have been learning Italian in a group very slowly for about 5 years.
    Good for consolidating my knowledge of verbs.
    Logical progression from ‘Where to start’onwards
    Clear explanations. Lots of exercises.
    Suits my needs apart from the subjunctive which I find elegant!

  20. Angela Charles (verified owner)

    Just what I need – it’s clear and concise and easy to understand.

  21. Linda

    Excellent, clear and concise. I have been learning Italian for several years and have to admit to finding the audio fairly fast but after several repeats I was keeping up and learning lots. I would definitely recommend this extremely useful e-book.

  22. Sherry Fyman (verified owner)

    Very helpful. What distinguishes this guide from the others is that it is written very much from the perspective of someone who knows exactly where and why English speakers stumble as we try to learn Italian. This book is correcting mistakes I didn’t even realize I was making! For example, I had no idea that I wasn’t using “sapere” and “potere” correctly. I’m sure I’ve said things like, “non posso suonare il chitarra” when I should be saying, “non so suonare….”

  23. Barry Edwards (verified owner)

    This is proving to be a very helpful book in helping me get to grips with verbs, lots of useful exercises and explained in an easy to understand fashion. It is really complementing my learning of this lovely language

  24. Beatrice Webb (verified owner)

    This is great stuff. I have been learning Italian for a few years and don’t find it at all easy so I’m always looking for help. This book is brilliant and the exercises help with consolidation.

  25. Barry Edwards (verified owner)

    I have recently purchased this book as I was finding learning the verbs difficult. This book has been excellent in helping me understand various verb conjugations and how they are not so daunting after all, the exercises are really good in deepening your understanding of which verbs and tenses you need to use. Well worth the money

  26. Vida Motaln

    I like the book a lot. I am not a beginner anymore, but this book is still helpful for learning (and repeating) the tenses. I always study grammar a lot when I learn a foreign language, so such books are always welcome to me.
    Keep up the good work and publish more books in the future (one can always hope :)).
    Ciao a tutti,

  27. Karin

    Excellent, clear, practical

  28. Oche

    “The Tenses you need to speak Italian” was the major head start to my course on Italian language and has been my point of reference when in doubt. The book inpired my thoughts on how to express myself, especially for someone coming from an English language background. I may not have read much of other alternatives, but so far I can conclude it’s about the best for anyone who really needs a grab of the tenses of this beautiful language; beginners and experts alike.

  29. Karen

    I agree with all the above comments. This book will take you through the tenses in a very straightforward and easy to understand format. APerfect at any level, either to work through systematically or to tip into for a refresher

  30. Allison

    A great economical book to take anywhere via pc, tablet, mobile phone and to learn the various tenses without needing to delve into pages and pages of information. Great exercises to work through to strengthen knowledge and also audio to assist with listening and pronunciation. Well worth the investment for serious Italian language learners

  31. Bernard Reid

    I have been a part-time (approximately six months each year) resident of Italy for the past seven years. My Italian is basic and suffers when I am not in Italy. I have purchased a number of books now and have found them to be most beneficial to review – particularly listen to – Italian when I am not there. The ability to read text and have a simultaneous translation is a great learning tool. I would thoroughly recommend these books.

  32. Anastasiya

    Very useful source not only to start to learn italian but also to drilldown!
    Nice to have in it in iphone, ipad and pc, whenever i have free time i could spent it by refreshing my italian

  33. Liz Hobby

    I’ve been learning Italian for a few years now, with several different approaches including classes, an online program and online tutoring. But I find I need a book that quickly gets me to what I need “right now – to answer tricky and forgotten things about the verbs. This book is absolutely the best that I have found. With its audios, it is the answer. It is an excellent text book which should be in every Italian learner’s library. It addresses the difficult subject of the verbs, with use of the correct pronouns, and the informal/formal use.
    The book is extremely straightforward an simple. It lays out the verbs in the order in which you need them ( essere, avere etc.) and proceeds from the Present Tense to the more difficult tenses. The tables showing the verb conjugations are in nice large print, which make the book a valuable quick reference, both for when you are learning the verbs and when you have forgotten and need to look back at something.
    There are progressive exercises for each section where you get to practice in a number of different ways. Additionally, the audio tracks , at normal speaking speeds, give you the additional practice of recognizing the words in spoken Italian.
    This is my favorite “go-to” book whenever I want to review my Italian – a terrific program at a terrific price.

  34. Linda Ann Novelli Thompson

    A very helpful book. I have on my IPad so that when I get confused I can quickly look up the tenses.

  35. Ewa

    Covers everything, I love it and it helps a lot whwn practicing tenses. Would love more exercises whwn itt comes to choosing between Passato prossimo and imperfetto – I find that extremely difficult.

  36. Karin Beebe

    Great book. Helpful and clear. Short chapters with just enough information. Just enough exercises to reinforce the material.

  37. ewa

    Bought this book some time ago. It is Avery wellwrittwn book with easy explénations and also it has a warm, friendly tone that makes it fun to read. Thank you very muck//Ewa

  38. Shari Flesness

    A clear and concise book that I highly recommend. Many textbooks explain verb tenses in a way that is overwhelming and confusing. This is a great book for both learning new material or reinforcing past learning. Money well spent!

  39. sonia

    Ciao Caro Daniel,
    Excellent book….well done! easy to follow and finally a book that simplifies which PAST TENSE I should use !!!!! No clutter, no confusion, very logical.
    Great to have the answers as I can work on my own at my own pace and if stuck can always refer to answers and learn what I did not know !!
    Exercises are great ad well chosen too.

  40. Catherine

    Great work! Thank you so much well explained and touches all the important and popular verbs without making it all overwhelming !

  41. Eva Hayward

    Dear Daniel,
    I found the e-book very useful and I will carry on working with it during the autumn. I enjoyed listening to the audio tapes.

  42. Jo

    Ciao tutti
    I bought ‘The tenses you need to speak Italian’ just a few days ago and there are so many things I love about it.
    Firstly the friendly conversational style makes it really fun and so much easier to follow than the usual text-book style found in Italian grammar books.
    I particularly like the clear and concise explanations of one tense at a time, taking up only one page followed by say 2-3 pages of exercises allowing the student to immediately practice what they have just learnt.
    Other grammar books I have studied seem to cover a number of topics in any given Chapter of say ten pages in length, followed by exercises at the very end. There is so much information to take in all at once, that by the time you reach the exercises, you are struggling to remember the earlier material and do the exercises.
    This book seems absolutely perfect for my level which is perhaps pre-intermediate.
    And lastly, I absolutely love the listening exercises even though I am finding some of them quite a challenge (though in a good way) … it is wonderful that the dialogues have also been provided in written Italian which allows you to ‘see’ the words and listen to them at the same time.
    Soooo … a HUGE THANK YOU to Daniel and all of the contributing teachers for creating such a wonderful learning experience.
    Grazie tanto
    Jo : )
    PS: Being a graphic designer I can’t help saying that the only thing perhaps needing improvement is the presentation which is the ‘only’ reason I am giving it a rating of four stars.

  43. ewa

    I bought the tenses you need to speak italian and I woulr recommend it to anyone trying to learn italian. I am slowly working my way through it. Buy it you will love it//Ewa

  44. Justine Grace

    A fantastic workbook – it is very comprehensive and I love the conversational style.


  45. Carol Ann K

    Ciao Daniel,

    Thanks for such a great book and thanks for all of your programs. I grew up with Italian Parents who never spoke Italian at home, in America……I am trying and working hard at learning Italian.
    Thanks and keep up the good work!

  46. Dr Tom Arno

    Learning any language, at least for me, is a monumental
    Feat. I found this book quite helpful and enjoyable. I
    Highly recommend it.
    Dr Tom Arno

  47. Peter Nicol

    I found this very useful. As ever learning verbs and grammar is the difficult part of improving my Italian and so this has been a well structured guide and helpful exercises

  48. John Thomson

    Ciao Daniel

    As an ex-mathematician ( ho ottanta anni ) and erstwhile student of Italian may I compliment you and your team, particularly Daniele on “The tenses you need to speak Italian”.

    I bought this and the “A1 workout” yesterday!

    It is the best summary of declension I have come across, concise, clear, structured, logical, uncluttered, with appropriate examples and exercises, easy to read and assimilate: well done.

    In a similar vein, I am also an admirer of the Michel Thomas method the way he divides verbs into two ‘tracks’ the ‘are’ track and the ‘other’ track’ : his use of repetition etc. they all aid learning.

    Thank you again, I look forward to your other publications

    John Thomson

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