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'Italian Workout!' is a five-level series of self-study workbooks for learners of Italian. The B1 'Italian Workout!' is aimed at intermediate level students and contains grammar explanations, vocabulary lists, practice exercises and even audio recordings!

  • B1 / Intermediate-level Italian language course
  • 103 page e-book, .pdf format
  • 35 exercises + 7 audio tracks
  • Grammar explanations, vocabulary lists and practice exercises
  • Try before you buy: Free Sample Chapter (.pdf)

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‘Italian Workout!’ is a five-level series of self-study workbooks for learners of Italian. The B1 ‘Italian Workout!’ is aimed at intermediate level students and contains grammar explanations, vocabulary lists, practice exercises and even audio recordings!

  • B1 / Intermediate-level Italian language course
  • 103 page e-book, .pdf format
  • 35 exercises + 7 audio tracks
  • Grammar explanations, vocabulary lists and practice exercises
  • Try before you buy: Free Sample Chapter (.pdf)

Your e-book will be emailed to you within 24 hours of your purchase.

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.pdf ebook

20 reviews for Italian Workout! B1

  1. Catherine Stewart (verified owner)

    Really well explained easy to dip in and out. Friendly and encouraging tone. Loving my on line lessons with Giulia too – a good combination
    (And I followed the instructions of downloading correctly onto computer and IPhone so no “polite complaint” from me 😉 Cf post of 31/07;))

  2. Sheila Clark (verified owner)

    The Italian Workout B1 has been tremendously helpful in consolidating my knowledge of Italian. I would recommend this book to anyone working towards B2 as I am. I also have the B2 book but have not yet begun to work through it. Whilst I hate this lockdown it has given me time to work through the book. Just get and do it.

  3. Judith (verified owner)

    Really well laid out, so much easier to follow than previous Italian teaching books I’ve tired before.
    Thank you about to move on to the B2 book…………

  4. Raki (verified owner)

    I’ve seen the others’ comments and I’m looking forward to starting this ebook, but I’ll wait until I begin my Italian course in March.
    I hope it helps!

  5. Julie Jane (verified owner)

    I’m on the last section of this workbook. I’ve found the level about right, not too easy, not too difficult. The challenging end of chapter test questions are great to make sure you’ve really understood the content (not always the case for me it would seem!).
    The content overall is in easy bite sized chucks so not too daunting. The listening exercises are fast, but understandable with repeat listens. Good practice for native speakers.
    I have just ordered the B2 workbook to help me fill some more of my grammar gaps. Highly recommended.

  6. Anna McFatter (verified owner)

    I purchased this grammar workbook and have only just started working with it and I am delighted to say I am delighted with my purchase. The book offers clear and concise explanations of grammar points with good examples along with exercises to test your ability and with solutions to check your progress.
    Listening exercises, vocabulary banks and topics covered provide variety and maintain interest.
    I’ll be purchasing further workbooks and would highly recommend them.

  7. Martin (verified owner)

    I was studying B1 for my citizenship application. I have just taken the exam here in Italy. The course was valuable and I really appreciated the English explanations. Having done the actual exam I thought that a lot of the compound conjugations were not appropriate for the B1 exam that is, I did not encounter them in the exam!
    As a student you’ll need to use this book in conjunction with the ‘prove esame PLIDA CILS’ from previous years (available free online) to get used to the structure of the eam. For the exam you’ll also need to SPEAK the language for 3 minutes and SPEAK with someone for 3 minutes usually on topics familiar to you.

  8. Catriona McCall (verified owner)

    wow. This B1 workbook was humbling. I have been studying Italian for a few years now. I own a few different text books and have studied all forms of the congiuntivo before – this review drives it all home! The exercises were a nonstop challenge for me to go back and review my verb tenses. The vocabulary sections were also a fantastic bonus for words unknown. The sections on the impersonal SI forms – concise and invaluable. I can’t say enough good things about this book and why you should add it to your personal collection of Italian language learning resources. I certainly took my time with this book – and look forward to studying B2 and C1/C2 just the same.

  9. Dorothy Lynn Despard (verified owner)

    In September I started a B1–B2 level Italian course at a local college. (I also started an Arabic beginners’ course which is extremely challenging.) It is now half-term and I have time to draw breath and start working through this book, as opposed to the texts used and the exercises and homework set by my Italian tutor. The explanations of grammar in this book are very clear, concise and straightforward. This book is really helping me with the congiuntivo past tenses. It has cleared up my confusion around when to use the congiuntivo passato and the congiuntivo imperfetto. The exercises are very effective. I have only skimmed through the congiuntivo trapassato and this looks equally clear. I think the ‘Il Periodo Ipotetico Della Possibilità’ sections are going to be invaluable. I have previously touched on sentences using se (if) with past subjunctive tenses and conditional tenses without really having had the opportunity to go into this quite advanced area in any depth. I have every confidence that these sections will help me nail these grammatical constructions. The book also contains, amongst other things, topical vocabulary lists, useful short sections, for example on the use of ‘prima di’, and longer grammatical sections, for example, on the passive form. I agree with the comment that the audio tracks are challenging and really good practice. I am really pleased with my purchase.

  10. Aruna Gunawardana (verified owner)

    There’s just the right amount of content for each aspect of learning in the book. The exercises are very helpful too so the combination is ideal to feel you’ve accomplished meaningful task in a short amount of time. I am using it alongside another reference book. Works really well! If there are things to improve on I’d say the answers at the end of a PDF doesn’t make it so user-friendly on PDFs used on tablets or phone devices where one has to scroll back and forth rather than go to a specific page. Minor point though and a technical one rather than anything to do with content. Really enjoying the rest of the format etc!

  11. Anita Cummings (verified owner)

    I bought this some time ago and have almost finished it. I am B1/B2 level and found it very useful to go over the grammar and especially useful to do the exercises at the end of each unit. The audio tracks were a bit challenging as it was a bit fast but it became easier once I had ‘tuned in’ – good practise for listening to real conversations!
    All in all, this is a great exercise book and I look forward to starting B2 which I bought in the sale.

  12. Lynne Bulloch (verified owner)

    I am doing a university course which covers elements of B1 and B2. I’ve just dipped into the B1 workout book (I got both B1 and B2 workout ebooks in the sale) and I am finding the exercises very helpful and appropriately pitched for my needs. I’m not relying on the explanatory material but it’s a helpful recap of the material.

  13. Colin Marsh (verified owner)

    I found most of the book stimulating and enjoyed using it. I learnt a lot and I’d say the accompanying exercises are pitched at an appropriately challenging level.

    I have 2 suggestions. First, grammatical explanations, e.g. Trapassato Prossimo: it would make it clearer still to an English-speaking target audience if you simply said what it meant: in this case, ‘had done.; or, for Condizionale Composto, to say it means ‘would have done’.

    Certain recordings have several people talking at the same time, and are not always very clear – real, no doubt, but not that useful to a learner who needs a more graduated and structured introduction to daunting linguistic reality. A transcript would be an enormous help to learners because it would enable them to see in written form parts of the recording which they had been unable to understand and would thus be an invaluable aid to learning.

  14. Mark Griffiths (verified owner)

    With my reading level at B2, I found I had to go back to B1 for listening. Once there, I found it very useful to stick with B1 for sentence structure and understanding. So, this workbook was perfect. Soon, I’ll be admitting to myself that I need to go back to A2!

  15. Velma Thomas (verified owner)

    I am finding this a very helpful resource for consolidating what I’ve learnt at college and for learning new vocabulary. Clear explanations help reinforce my studies. Thank you.

  16. Ewa (verified owner)

    Really recommend this, great exercises and explenations.

  17. Anne Quieti

    Whilst I bought this level, B1, at the same time as A2 and B2 I have not started to seriously study it (I am still on A2). I can’t wait. I have skimmed through it and know that it will certainly improve and strengthen my knowledge and ability to speak Italian. Use of certain verb tenses is always an area of uncertainty and these books definitely help. The speech on the listening files is beginning to pick up speed compared with the A2 level. This can only be a good thing if your intention to learn and converse with Italian people is serious.

  18. Vida Motaln

    I’ve done half of the book and I really like it. It is great for learning and practising, and also for checking your knowledge of the grammar. Already ordered B2 and C1-2 workouts (it is the january sale, isn’t it?) 🙂

  19. Aleksandra Nowacka

    I am happy I bought this book. Thank you!

  20. Francesca White

    I bought this some weeks ago but only got around to looking at it this week. It is very good and I am encouraged to proceed in bites. There is a lot of material which at first seemed off putting in digital format, but each unit has short pieces which enable you to go at any pace. Topics are interesting, arrangement is logical and the vocab is up to date. I love the audio, which is always a challenge. Exercise – with answers at the back provided terrific reinforcement. Thank you.

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