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New ‘Easy Italian News’ & Half-Price ‘eBook of the Week’!

Learning Italian? Then do yourself a favour!

Take eight minutes out of your busy day and listen to the latest edition of ‘Easy Italian News‘.

You get online audio, plus a transcript to follow while you listen.

And it’s TOTALLY FREE, with no registration required, not even any advertising.

Better still, you could make some excuse and so find a free half hour, enough to listen to it several times.

You’ll be amazed how much you can understand!

Click here to listen and read:


Not free at all, but still excellent value, is this week’s easy reader ‘eBook of the Week’.

Cover image: Il sorpasso

Il sorpasso‘ is a masterpiece of Italian cinema history, appparently.

It tells the story of a middle-aged man with various ‘issues’ who, by chance, meets a serious young law student.

They end up spending the day together…

Download the free sample chapter (.pdf) which sets the scene for what is to follow, and is a good way to decide if this type and complexity of material would add value to your Italian study plan.

Too hard? Too easy?

Then visit our online shop to select materials that would be more suited to your current level and preferences.

Free Sample Chapter (.pdf) | Buy ‘Il sorpasso’, just £3.99 | Catalogue | Browse

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