Twenty Italian-English Parallel Texts – HALF PRICE!

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Want to REALLY learn Italian?

So put aside that grammar book – learn Italian by reading instead!

Being able to confidently read and understand Italian texts opens up a whole new world of opportunities, both for learning and for living!

And with this great offer, you can get months of original study material, TWENTY Italian-English parallel texts, from level A1 to level B2/C1, at HALF PRICE!

Each of these .pdf ebooks (printable, or readable on most devices) contains an original story written by a native-speaker Italian teacher, along with a translation into English by a professional translator.

Each line of text is numbered, so you can compare the Italian original to the English translation!

Spend as much or as little time on this material as you wish – the important thing is to finish the story!

Read one, then another, then another, starting from the elementary material and working up until you are confident reading and understanding upper-intermediate/advanced level Italian.

Building a study habit which includes regularly reading material adapted to your level will, over time, consolidate and improve your knowledge of grammar and vocabulary as well as your comprehension skills.

The ‘Twenty Italian-English Parallel Texts’ bundle includes TWENTY original .pdf ebooks at half the usual price!

Buy them individually and they’ll cost you £7.99 (x 20 = £159.80). But add this ‘bundle’ to your cart and you’ll pay JUST £79.90!

(To view free sample chapters for each product, and so verify that the level and type of material is suitable for you, click the link and look for the ‘free sample chapter’ download on the product page.)

How do I access my ebooks?

When your order is ‘completed’ (allow up to 24 hours), a download link will be automatically emailed to you. It’s valid for 7 days and 3 download attempts so please save a copy of the .pdf ebook in a safe place.

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.pdf ebook


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