Italian Easy Readers ‘Three For Two’ – Level B1/2

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The B1/2 (intermediate/upper-intermediate) 'Three For Two' bundle includes three .pdf ebooks:

You'll receive all three (for the price of two!) within 24 hours of your purchase.

And if you have already purchased one, or more, of these previously?

No problem.

Just write to us at the time of your order, telling us which one you already have, and we'll offer a substitute ebook at the same level!



Want to REALLY learn Italian?

So put aside that grammar book – it’s time to start working on building your reading and listening skills!

Being able to confidently read Italian texts and understand what you hear opens up a whole new world of opportunities, both for learning and for living!

This ‘Three For Two’ bundle contains three ‘easy reader’ ebooks, at a discounted price.

Each of these .pdf ebooks (printable, or readable on most devices) contains an original story, along with glossaries of difficult words and exercises.

There’s even an audio recording to listen to online, as often as you wish!

This material is written by Italian teachers, especially for learners like you. The finished story is then recorded by an Italian native speaker.

You read and listen, check unknown words in the glossary, do the exercises if you wish, then go back and read and/or listen again.

Spend as much or as little time on this material as you wish – the important thing is to finish the story!

Read one, then another, then another!

Building a study habit which includes regular reading and listening to material adapted to your level will, over time, improve your knowledge of grammar and vocabulary.

As well as boosting your confidence with Italian texts of all types!

The B1/2 (intermediate/upper-intermediate) ‘Three For Two’ bundle includes three .pdf ebooks:

You’ll receive all three (for the price of two!) within 24 hours of your purchase.

And if you have already purchased one, or more, of these previously?

No problem.

Just write to us at the time of your order, telling us which one you already have, and we’ll offer a substitute ebook at the same level!

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.pdf ebook

9 reviews for Italian Easy Readers ‘Three For Two’ – Level B1/2

  1. Wendy Hartnell (verified owner)

    This was my first Easy Reader purchase . I’m at a lower intermediate level and I’ve been trying to get used to reading Italian for a while but have been frustrated by my lack of vocabulary. I was pleased to find I could enjoy these stories without looking anything up. The glossaries really helped and I listened to some of the sound recordings as well. My favourite was “Segreti e polpette” which was entertaining but “Le tante facce del futuro” is a good place to start as it consists of a series of micro short stories – good for building confidence. I thought “Un’indagine molto privata” was a bit predictable but I liked the fact that it was a longer text. In general I found them all quite easy and might try a level C next time. I’ve finished reading them but I will use the sound recordings as well to practise listening.

  2. J Henderson (verified owner)

    This is terrific value for money. A bargain! The stories are interesting. I particularly enjoyed the ones by Emanuele Stefanorie and Michela Guida. It’s important to listen to the audio, which I find much more difficult than reading the text. No surprise there. However, my comprehension skills are very slowly improving and these audio books are a great help.

  3. Carol Re (verified owner)

    After reading one of Daniel’s emails on ‘Italian Grammar is a nightmare”, I decided to lay off the grammar learning that was doing my head in and concentrate more on reading and listening. I bought the three books and have read two so far and really enjoy the stories and my listening and understanding of the recordings have got soo much better. I listen over and over and if at first non ho capito I don’t move on to the next chapter until by jove I’ve got it! I’m surprised at how much I am learning. I actually have the books printed as I like making notes and doing the the exercises.
    Thanks so much Daniel they are a huge help.

  4. Tim (verified owner)

    Very good. I enjoyed the stories, which kept my interest, and the grammar and vocabulary stretched me as needed (have been doing an evening class for 2 years). I particularly liked the question and answer sections, both the format (choose the correct option) and the content (especially the 2 on pronouns!). The speed of the spoken scripts was seemed far too fast at first! But my comprehension increased with repeat listening. The sound quality was pretty good but there are some noticeable crackles and echoes in places which is a little off-putting (hence 4 * not 5*). A very useful aid to language learning.

  5. Philip Quinnell (verified owner)

    Not only great value for money but these books have helped me no end , with both my reading skills and also my listening comprehension. Also a nice mix of subjects which I’m grateful for as they kept my interest and my motivation to learn.

  6. Kara (verified owner)

    I’ve read all three, and a second time with the audio. They are a good length, so I can just read a chapter or 2 when I have a little free time without feeling I shouldn’t engage as I don’t have enough time to really sink into it. The stories move along and are entertaining. Practically, I had a nice experience with the delivery, the audio is good (it is a little fast, but that is what I would expect at the B1/2 level), etc.

  7. Donna Kelaher (verified owner)

    Though I gave not yet read these books, I must comment on the timely fashion in which they arrived–as promised. However, I had trouble opening the zip files on my iPad. When I contacted Daniel at, he resent the files in another format. Problem–solved! I can’t wait to begin reading.

    After I finish the first book in the bundle, I will write another comment

    Ciao a tutti

  8. Barbara Fabrizio (verified owner)

    This was my first purchase. I am quite pleased. I’ve read two of the three books. The level is what I expected, although I am a bit disappointed that there is no use of the subjunctive tense in either of the books I’ve read. Maybe that’s the C level. The stories are interesting and the vocabulary and sentence structure is challenging enough to make me feel like I am learning something new. I’ve just started listening to the books, which is much more of a challenge to me than the reading. So training my ear to hear the language is really good practice for me. The reader reads at a good clip, so, for me, it takes some work to understand, which is what I wanted when I purchased the package. I would have been disappointed had it been too easy. I would recommend this to an intermediate student.

  9. Tony Prosser (verified owner)

    Very good value. I am at a high B2 level and I find that the method of learning works well; I am now about half way through the second of the readers and the level is just right. As each chapter is quite short it is easy to build up a regular routine listening to/reading each chapter most days. My preferred technique is to listen, read, listen again then answer the exercise. To make the system work properly it is essential not just to read the material, but also to listen to it; this is easy given that there is a link at the beginning of each easy reader.

    Delivery was very quick and efficient, and it is easy to use both the written and listening materials both on my Windows laptop and my Apple Ipad.

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